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Alan Moore's Jerusalem: Book 3: Vernall's Inquest: Round the Bend: Line 53

Line 53: "She's a collacted valiume, a Compleat Lucia with her whorle lighf gethered into hadsome crepeskin bendings, a well-thrumbed uddition with eyndpeepers marvled and a speen that's still integt, tespite freakwend miss-handlings."

Non-Lucy-Lips Version: "She's a collected volume, a Complete Lucia with her whole life gathered into handsome sheepskin bindings, a well-thumbed edition with end papers marbled and a spine that's still intact, despite frequent mishandling."

"Collected" merged with "collated." So that's a bit redundant. But "coll" also means to embrace a person in British English. Perhaps Lucia sees the intimate relationships across her life as mere acts, as the doctors and nurses act now, nobody truly loving her through the years. I imagine if your loved ones stick you in an insane asylum, you'd question whether or not they truly loved you as well. Especially if after your father died, your mother never visited you again.

Lucia is both a "volume" of stories, her life's history, and also a tranquilizing drug to reduce anxiety. But that's probably because she's often thoroughly dosed with the stuff (or something similar with more complicated names). She is only as lucid as she currently is (and how lucid is that, really?! She's fucking confusing!) because she's been medicated. It's why the doctors and nurses have let her roam the grounds as mentioned previously.

"Compleat Lucia"
No reason to change complete in this way unless Lucia is not just a book but an archaic skirt. You can argue with me about why this skirt is archaic but if you do I'm just going to assume you're being difficult and obtuse in an attempt to try to make me look stupid even though "not understanding something as simple as me saying 'archaic' here because of the spelling of 'complete' as 'compleat'" means you're the stupid one.

Lucia's world is a whorl. So not only is she stacked Russian dolls but also circles within circles. Also suggestive of "whore" which sheds a sexual light on the "coll" from earlier and the interpretations of the rest of this sentence.

Probably another reference to the River Liffey. Remember, Lucia is both light and water! Also maybe it's just as simple as her "whole life" and "whole light." Maybe the river doesn't even come into this one. Shocker!

To "gather" Lucia and her life into one place, one would have to "get her" there. Perhaps, as a "whore," she had to "get her" sexual "ed"ucation.

Slang for having sex.

Apparently this is "sheepskin" which makes sense but only after I looked it up on the other site that already did this so why am I even bothering?! I guess because I want to see what I can make of it myself instead of instantly going to the Internet for answers the way modern people have learned to do. Nobody's opinions are their own anymore. It's all, "I like this! I wonder what all the other people think about it!" or "I don't understand this. I wonder what all the other people think about it!" or "I don't know anything about this thing that was mentioned in this comment conversation I'm having so I'd better look it up to see what all the other people think and then pretend that's what I have always thought too!" Oh, that's some good commentary for a bit about "sheep" skin, right?! Anyway, I don't know why Moore changes it to "crepe." Maybe Lucia's book is tasty and edible? Or is it supposed to suggest creepy, as in "Lucia's brother and possibly her father fucked her so her life was what one might think of as creepy"? Oh and you can hear "rape" in "crepe."

A "bender" is a homosexual. Unless it's a futuristic robot. Maybe neither of those things apply here. But it probably means something sexual!

The sound ("thrum") which might be made while flipping through the pages of a book with your "thumbs." A "thrum" is also a vibration which can stimulate a woman in much the same way a "thumb" can. It also ends with "bed" which is where a lot of pedestrian sex takes place (and also non-pedestrian sex!).

Remember that Nora is a cow. But Nora hasn't been mentioned here so this probably just refers to Lucia's breasts.

You read a book and its "end papers" with your "eyn" (German for "eyes") which are also called "peepers."

The "marbled" book was "marvelous" to look at. Perhaps her life's book was much like a comic book ("Marvel").

"speen integt"
The "spine" of the book being confused with the "peen" of a man which is "in tight" inside Lucia.

"Despite" but with a "t"? Who cares, Al?! Maybe "spit"? I think some people spit during sex!

When you get "freaky," you're fucking. And "wending" means "to go" which probably means going to have sex.

"Miss" Joyce was "handled" when she had sex with her partners. Also maybe some of her early experiences weren't great and could be thought of as having been "mishandled."

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Alan Moore's Jerusalem: Book 3: Vernall's Inquest: Round the Bend: Line 52

Line 52: "Her inphant pass'd, her semi-terra'd feuture and here her-and-know, her iffrey liffing mement altergather, all her hypertenses prescent and currect."

Non-Lucy-Lips Version: "Her infant past, her cemeteried future and her here-and-now, her every living moment altogether, all her tenses present and correct."

"inphant pass'd"
"Her infant past" remains about her (or deep inside her at the middle of the stack) like a "passing phantom."

"her semi-terra'd feuture"
I suppose the "features" of a ghost or "phantom" could be described as "semi-terra'd" or "unearthly," not of this realm, incorporeal.

Moore keeps replacing "her" with "here" and I don't really find it meaningful. I suppose she is in the present so I guess that helps?

Alan Moore has some really ingenious Lucy Lips moments and then he has things like this that just seem like he's shifting one word to the closest possible next word without really revealing Lucia's subconscious. I suppose this statement just says, "Lucia knows herself and reveal herself through the things she's saying here-and-now." And also, I know I keep writing that all of this garbled narration is "Lucia speaking" when it obviously is just Lucia's day being narrated by an omniscient narrator. But that omniscient narrator may as well be Lucia's perception of reality. So just go with it.

"her iffrey liffing"
More stuff about how Lucia is the River Liffey. It's repeated so much it must be really important! Too bad I have no context for it!

Every "moment" is a "meme." A "meme" is a unit of cultural information spread by imitation. Richard Dawkins coined the word in 1976 in his book The Selfish Gene. Moore uses it here to represent how Lucia lives and relives all of her living moments over and over again.

"Altogether" in that Lucia's "alternate selves" "gather" together in every living moment. She is each stacked doll individually and also "altogether" at all "living" "moments" of her "here-and-now".

All of Lucia's "tenses" or moments of her life (past, present, future) compose who she is. Perhaps "hyper" because she is so full of energy for an 80 year old because she is also a toddler and a teenager and a horny middle-aged woman too. Perhaps in the sense of "hyperspace" as well in that Lucia exists "over" or behind the surface of reality.

"Present" and "prescient." "Prescient" is to show knowledge of an event before it takes place. This explains how her "future" is also incorporated into her being (which is also just how time and reality work in Jerusalem (and probably reality)).

"Correct" and "current." As in all of Lucia's "moments" are "currently" within her and that's how it should be ("correct").

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Alan Moore's Jerusalem: Book 3: Vernall's Inquest: Round the Bend: Line 51

Line 51: "F'all here olter passonalities are her aswill, the topsy-turpsichorean tosst of Gapery, the fancianable lispian when cunninglingloss was belegged to be saphosticated, or the dis-appointed dawncer tearnin' down a prosterous careern at the prestageous Lastbet Druncan Shulethe becurse herr meister 'Merzed her in his kamflicated airy unphilosophies and fascile rachel pressurdice."

Non-Lucy-Lips Version: "For all her other personalities are her as well, the tipsy terpsichorean toast of Gay Paris, the fashionable lesbian when cunnilingus was believed to be sophisticated, or the disappointed dancer turning down a prosperous career at the prestigious Elizabeth Duncan School because her master immersed her in his complicated Aryan philosophies and facile racial prejudice."
Thanks to this site for helping me translate the "Lastbet Druncan" bit. The "Shulethe" I figured was school which helped get to the rest. This is getting so much harder!

I believe we've worked through spring and summer so far. Now we're on to fall. Also this sentence describes Lucia's "fall" from dancing (akin to "Lucifer" the "dawncer/dawn star/morning star"?).

"Other" and "older," as in past personalities. They are chronologically older but they were Lucia when she was younger.

These "personalities" were full of her youthful "passion." Dance was Lucia's passion in her youth and these personalities describe those times. "Pass on" as well as in these personalities were left behind by Lucia.

Probably the British definition of "swill" as in "to wash or rinse out by pouring large amounts of water over it" perhaps to indicate Lucia cleaning out an old personality to begin fresh and clean.

"Topsy-turvy" from "tipsy terpsichorean," or drunk dancer, to indicate confusion and, possibly, the hedonism of the moment. Lucia was enjoying success as a dancer and living a wild life in Paris.

Lucia was a celebrated dancer in Paris, the "toast" of the town. But "tossed" continues the idea of the upside-down confusion of "topsy-turvy." Also, she was essentially "tossed" from the lifestyle as she became disillusioned with her abilities at her "advancing" age ("advancing" in quotes because she was still very young but behind many of the women who trained at dance from very early ages).

"Gay Paris" with the suggestion of being "gaped at." Lucia's dancing left people awed and amazed, mouths "agape," at her abilities.

"Fashionable" combined with "fancy." Sometimes Alan Moore's work is just making a word do a little more obvious work. To be fashionable is to be fancy. Redundancy is the point in a lot of these, to simply emphasize what is being said as strongly as possible.

A strong lisp is caused by the tongue doing more work than it's supposed to which is also something a lesbian's tongue does when engaged in "cunnilingus." "Lisping" is a speech impediment much like the way Lucia speaks (or perceives things?). Lucia declared she was a lesbian some time after Samuel Beckett told her he was more into her father than into her.

Lucia's way of speaking (which the Dead-Dead Gang call "Lucy Lips" (which itself is a "Lucy Lips" interpretation of "loose lips" which are also a suggestion of a sexually stimulated vagina)) could be considered a "loss" of communication in that it's hard to understand and thus not all of her intended meaning will reach the listener. But it's a "cunning" "loss" of "lingua/language" in that it actually winds up saying far more than it would without the speech impediment.

"Believed" but spelled to make you think of two women scissoring. Or at least that's what it made me think about. Although I'm probably thinking about that 60% of the time anyway so don't be so proud of yourself, Moore.

Here is a picture of Lucia Joyce's legs. She is dressed as a silver fish here. This could be where Moore got the idea to associate Lucia Joyce with a fish in many of the passages.

Sappho was a Greek poet from the island of Lesbos known for her love poetry and her gay. Imagine being a poet and millennia later, you're still basically known because you loved having sex with women. So much so that your home island was taken as the name for women who love other women. This is what people are fighting against when people of a minority group wind up simply being a representative of that minority group. What kind of shitty responsibility is that?! White males never represent all other white males nor are they expected to. But here we have a woman who just wanted to fuck other women and write some lovely poetry. Do we now say, "Oh, you're Sapphic!" when we learn somebody loves to write love poems? No! We say, "Oh, you're Sapphic!" when we discover a woman likes to eat pussy! Not cool, history.

"dis-appointed dawncer"
Is this comparing Lucia ("light") to Lucifer ("light-bringer")? She has been "appointed" to "Dis" (city in Hell according to The Divine Comedy, "Dis Pater" being the ancient Roman ruler of Hell, making Hell "the lands of Dis") and considered a "dawncer" as in "the dawn star" or Venus or "the light bringer" or "Lucifer." Not to suggest that Moore is trying to equate Lucia with evil. I think he means as in bringer of revelations while also, perhaps, a person seen by society as chaotic or evil even if they are simply misunderstood. And Lucia is easily misunderstood!

"Tears" were involved when "turning" down her career as a dancer.

Lucia could have had a "prosperous" career in dancing is a "posterous" statement. It is not "preposterous" that she could have made a living as a dancer. "Prost" also means "cheers" in German where the school she could have joined (and been successful in and enjoyed the "cheers" of admirers) was located at Darmstadt.

Lucia's "career" "careened" out of control to a degree that caused her to leave dancing.

The school she would have enrolled in was "prestigious" and a place where she would learn more about dancing before hitting the stage ("pre-stage"). To "presage" something is to have a sign or warning that something bad will happen. Perhaps the failing of her dance career "presaged" her descent into madness.

"Lastbet Druncan Shulethe"
This was a difficult one to figure out but the "Shulethe" made it easier, realizing that it was simply evoking the German for school (since the school was in Germany). That meant trying to find out what school Lucia almost joined but didn't. It's not like her Wikipedia gives the name although it does mention the location of the school, Darmstadt. The article in The Irish Times, linked to above, was the first place I found the names of Raymond and Elizabeth Duncan. Elizabeth offered Lucia a job teaching dance at her academy, the Elizabeth Duncan School, in Darmstadt. But Lucia turned it down, even though it was her "last bet" to continue her dance career. "Druncan" perhaps suggests that her alcohol use ("tipsy" earlier) was part of this although if Moore is suggesting it, I haven't really read anything that would support the assumption that alcohol had anything to do with her choices. "Schule" is German for "school." The word ends in "lethe", as in the River Lethe in Hades which causes a person to forget their past, meaning Lucia was forced to "forget" dancing. This could also tie in with the "drunk" of "Druncan."

Her "forgetting" her past and leaving behind dancing was a "curse" to Lucia.

"herr meister"
"Mister master" in German for "her master."

"'Merzed her"
"Immersed her" but with the proper noun "Merz." This was Elizabeth Duncan's husband whom I couldn't find much about although I didn't spend a lot of time searching because his name didn't have a hyperlink on it in Elizabeth Duncan's Wikipedia page. But I did find a passage in a JSTOR article I couldn't access that referred to him as a "fanatical anti-Semite." I'd say that fits with the stuff that follows. Thus Lucia was "immersed" in Max "Merz's" anti-Semitic beliefs.

"Kampf," famously, is German for "fight" or "struggle" or "battle." Thus "complicated" takes on an association with Hitler's Mein Kampf and all it's associated with. The suggestion is probably not that the philosophies of Merz were "complicated" but that having them tied in with Lucia's job and her love of dance "complicated" her passion and career. Also, it was a "struggle" or "Kampf" for her to take this position due to Merz and Duncan's beliefs.

"airy unphilosophies"
A good way of describing Nazi "Aryan philosophies": "un-philosophic" and without substance ("airy").

"Facile" and "fascist" in combination. The "fascist" beliefs of the Nazi were in fact "facile" arguments, shallow and without any merit.

Other than a Friends reference, I have no idea. I mean, I know it's meant to be "racial" but why "rachel"? Perhaps because it's a Jewish name from the Old Testament? The name means "ewe." I suppose this can be taken as in the people who followed the Nazis were sheep (which is the best way to take it) or that Nazi philosophy saw the Jewish people (and other non-Aryans) as sheep. I guess it also means that Rachel from Friends was the superficial sheep-like follower. Yeah, that tracks.

"Prejudice" induced by the "pressure" of Nazi aggression. It also once again invokes Eurydice sentenced to Hell by a loved one's act of compassion. In the end, Lucia was forced into hospitals by her family. I don't know if "dice" means anything. Lucia gambled on not taking the job but it was a bad gamble because this was her "last bet" to remain in a "career" in dancing?

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Justice League Europe #2 (1989)

look elongated man has the bends har har

Metamorpho can turn into any element in the world so he chooses to make his fist into a hammer. I don't know. Maybe stick your dick in The Flash's mouth and turn it into a 40/60 Oxygen/Nitrogen mix? This has the added benefit of . . . well, I think you can guess the added benefit.

The issue begins with a silver-haired man overlooking a funeral in a cemetery (with the Eiffel Tower in the background, of course, because I wouldn't want to lose my bet about establishing shots of Paris in this comic book always including the metal erection. Ooh la la). It might be Captain Atom but maybe it's also possibly The Phantom Stranger! No, don't get too excited, Tess (yes, I'm back to pretending my name is Tess). This is only the second issue. Too many minds would be blown if The Phantom Stranger suddenly became integral to the plot. Not mine though. I would just clamp down on my pipe, scrunch up my eyebrows, take a few puffs, and say (out of the side of my mouth), "Tut tut. I see. This comic book is going to get existential." Unless it's going to get spiritual and then I'd say that.

This issue is called, "Somebody Up There Hates Us!" Oh, so maybe it is The Phantom Stranger! He's like God's debt collector. No wait. That's The Spectre. I have no fucking clue what The Phantom Stranger does. I believe it has something to do with never lifting a finger to help anybody at all.

Aside from Catherine's hair, nothing about this comic book page indicates it's from 1989. Everything about it looks so old school. I mean super duper old school. I forget the actual date is 2022.

Because the man who died in the Embassy's foyer was a Nazi, Captain Atom decides to investigate known Nazi organizations, especially those tied to meta-humans. Sue Dibny, showing off her computer skills, gets to work while Ralph's body sits far enough away that he can do his favorite thing: stretch his neck to twenty feet long and make me sick.

You might think Nazis in Santa Cruz sounds weird but, having been a Silicon Valley boy who would spend his summers at the beach, I guarantee you they had a lot of fascist surfers covering their town in fascist graffiti like "Locals Only!" and "Valleys Go Home!" Jerkos!

Sue eye fucks Captain Atom while she gags like everybody else at Ralph's nose twitching. It seems I was a little harsh on her in my last review when I expressed joy in her upcoming death because she loved the nose twitching. But she's just as grossed out by her husband as everybody else. Besides, Captain Atom is practically naked and standing right next to her all smooth and musky and dickless. The dickless part isn't something that would appeal to Sue so I should have left it out. My assumption is that in the actual Justice League Europe universe where they've never heard of the Comics Code Authority, you can see the outline of Captain Atom's dick through the leotard.

If I was trying to remind my wife that I was the one she loved fucking, I wouldn't do it while my neck was twenty feet long so she remembers that my body induces nausea.

My theory is that Sue Dibny was dying of vaginal cancer after fucking Captain Atom constantly during this gig and so she arranged her own murder so Ralph would never find out.

Animal Man and Captain Atom investigate the Nazi camp in Santa Cruz to discover it's been destroyed by some guy named The Wild Huntsman. He's anti-Nazi but he still battles Animal Man and Captain Atom because nobody takes a moment to ask, "Hey, are you antifa too?" I can't wait to read the letters about this issue. "Dear DC Comics, I am chagrined that you have chosen to portray all white people as Nazis. Shame on you for partaking in this kind of political nonsense. You should try to avoid politics or else you will lose half of your readers. The white half. Thank you. Brad Smith of Salinas, Kansas."

Captain Atom blasts The Wild Huntsman who goes down for good. So for good that Animal Man determines the man is in a coma. It looks like he's as mind-controlled as the rest of his Global Guardian buddies. Although if they're being mind-controlled to defeat Nazis, it can't be a bad thing, right? I guess the point is to make it seem like Justice League Europe are defending Nazis and Nazi groups by beating up the Global Guardians who were destroying them.

Whose idea was it to begin this entire series of a Justice League in Europe having to battle Nazis?! I'm yawning pretty hard over here.

Next it's a Power Girl and Rocket Red team-up! They head over to Frankfurt, Germany to question some Nazis where they find the Neo-Nazi headquarters already on fire. Whoever did it is a hero but Rocket Red is all, "I hope nobody is burning alive." Power Girl calls him a fucking Nazi sympathizer and he has to explain World War II history to her, being that she's an American. The only thing Americans know about World War II is that the Japanese sneak attacked us like sneaky motherfuckers and the Americans defeated Germany single-handedly.

I don't mean to sound racist and stereotypical but look at this motherfucking sneak attack!

I'm American so if I'm only slightly sounding racist and stereotypical, I'm doing pretty good!

Oh, maybe you didn't notice I was stereotyping because you had no way of knowing that the person attacking Power Girl and Rocket Red was Rising Sun of the Global Guardians. As everybody but Americans would know by his name, he's Japanese. I'm not usually this self-hating as an American but you wouldn't understand unless you had to live among all these stupid fucking assholes who don't fucking care about kids getting shot up in school. Every gun owner is complicit in every death. It's like if there were suddenly a rash of people entering schools and cutting off kids' heads with comic books and I refused to stop reading comic books. I'd be complicit because I'd care more about my stupid hobby than the lives of kids. Maybe that's not a fair comparison because my life would be so much better if I stopped reading comic books. I'm just looking for an excuse!

Rising Sun's power is to glow really bright and blow up. Is that irony? Is his power darkly ironic?! Anyway, he's brainwashed too and believes the Justice League are modern day Nazis. I'm pretty sure they aren't but we're only two issues in so I'm not going to jump to any conclusions.

Fast is right. According to The New 52's Worlds' Finest, Power Girl loves to stick her finger up the asses of her dates.


Seeing these scans of comic books thirty years apart makes me think comics are worth five to six times more today.

Ha ha no not really.

Power Girl nearly takes Rising Sun's head off. She claims she "pulled her punch" but how much would she know to pull her punch? She and Rocket Red knew nothing about this guy. She could have beheaded him! Although we, the readers, know he was mind controlled and now he's basically in a coma like The Wild Huntsman.

Metamorpho, Elongated Man, and The Flash head to Dover, England, to look into a Neo-Nazi group. This superhero team up gets three members because two are basically redundant. Yes, I know "elongation" powers are way different than "can transform into any element" power but Metamorpho mostly just uses his power like he's a stretchy shapechanger.

Ralph could pass as normal if he didn't insist on keeping his neck three to twenty feet longer than normal.

Metamorpho was killed at the end of The Outsiders comic book when Doctor Jace turned out to be a Manhunter. But he's back because a meta(l)-gene bomb blew up in Invasion! recently and somehow brought him back. But he doesn't remember anything from the previous five years of his life. This being a comic book, that could mean he doesn't remember anywhere from 2 to 25 years of continuity.

Wally and Ralph go off to get snacks while Metamorpho hangs about to be attacked by a Savage Dragon look-a-like named Tuatara. I mean, Savage Dragon obviously stole his look because Image didn't exist yet. Tuatara knocks everybody overboard because it was on the cover. And then things get weird and disturbing.

What element naturally takes the shape of a giant penis and scrotum?

Metamorpho hardly cares about his elemental power at all. He just uses it as an excuse to become huge swimming dicks and flapping vaginas (I didn't scan the panel where he engulfs Tuatara in a huge labia trap).

Tuatara eventually falls unconscious like the other Guardians. Apparently the brainwashing to make them see every hero as a Nazi takes a heavy toll on them. On the way to shore, Ralph begins twitching his nose and everybody tells him to stop before they throw up on everything.

Man, I'm really sorry I got on your case, Sue. You're obviously super intelligent and don't love your husband at all.

The issue ends with Jack o' Lantern and Owl Woman discussing how they (along with their "queen" who I'm assuming is Queen Bee of Bialya doing all the mind control) and the Dome are back in business. Bad business!

Letters this issue are from Jack Cyclone of Albuquerque, New Mexico; Casey Gallagher of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Don Lambert Junior of Mechanicsville, Iowa; Marco Gonzales Ambriz of Old Mexico; T.A.P. of Burnaby, British Columbia; Tim Dunnahoo of Temple, Texas; John Egnew of Champaign, Illinois; and Mike Norris of Milpitas, California. Nobody mentions the Letterer. Or any of the other artists, really. All the letters this month are people writing in to say why they disagree or agree with the roster of Justice League Europe. All these letter writers must have creamed their jeans when the Internet became mainstream so they could spew all of their boring opinions straight out into the ether for free!

Don't you dare say I resemble that remark, you jerks!

Justice League Europe #2 Rating: C. I would have given this issue a better grade if The Elongated Man had refrained from stretching his disgusting neck. But since he did it right on the cover, I already knew this issue was going to be a huge loser. I wish he'd drowned.

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Alan Moore's Jerusalem: Book 3: Vernall's Inquest: Round the Bend: Line 50

Line 50: "Allover turnage salves, the preena dolorinas and Fressh-kisen mnymthomaniacs are insat amist the nexted friguleens, alluv the maid-up shagbrag abawd underlit and moon-age formircations with a fuctional yang Letin lovher she'd unvented blyther cleudonym of Sempo, sempo fiddles, allus faithfeel, ween in factual act her lonly senxual explortations hid bone whet'her holdher bluther."

Non-Lucy-Lips Version: "All of her teenage selves, the prima ballerinas and French kissing nymphomaniacs are inset amid the nested figurines, all of the made-up brags about underage and moonlit fornications with a functional young Latin lover she'd invented by the pseudonym of Sempo, semper fidelis, always faithful, when in actual fact her only sexual explorations had been with her older brother."

"All of her" as well as "all lovers" or "all of her lovers" though, as we'll see, she really only had the one, Giorgio, in her youth.

Each age in turn yet existing all at once, represented by the nested dolls. Each age remains within every new age as the seasons turn.

Her past memories, past selves, soothe (or "salve") Lucia.

"preena dolorinas"
Lucia was a dancer and so one of her early selves was a Prima Ballerina. It's an easy assumption to believe she was "preening." "Dolor" means a state of great sorrow or distress. It's possible Lucia was forced to stop dancing by her father because the stress caused so much friction between Lucia and Nora which made it hard for him to work on his book. This caused Lucia a great amount of sorrow and distress. Possibly an allusion to the slang use of "Prima Donna" as well, meaning Lucia was self-centered and temperamental.

As we see in this sentence, Lucia lied about and bragged about an imaginary lover. Her French-kissing of this lover was probably more her kissing a pillow ("Kissen" being German for pillow or cushion). Possibly "Ssh" as in something secret or whispered because Lucia was lying.

"Nymphomaniacs" are women who love sex. A "mythomaniac" is somebody who is obsessed with lying. Lucia was lying about her sexual exploits.

INSAT is the India National Satellite System. So maybe when Lucia used "ind" earlier, it was meant to be India! Maybe there's an even deeper layer to Lucia's confessions that have to do with international espionage! Maybe this has a whole insane Pale Fire level to it! Or, you know, probably not. This probably just reiterates the whole dolls are both "sat" and "inset" inside one another.

Memory is often referred to as foggy or as being seen through a "mist."

Each "nested" figurine is followed by the "next" figurine in Lucia's chronology.

"Figurines" with "frig" or "frigid" suggested which are opposites. But it makes sense because Lucia is bragging about fucking some guy named Sempo ("frig") but not actually doing that ("frigid"). Although she is fucking Giorgio so not really that frigid. I don't know about the end of the word. Maybe "eens" as in "teens"?

This sentence is about having sex so "luv."

Lucia was a "maid" ("maiden," virgin) who has "made-up" a story about getting laid.

To "brag" about "shagging."

A "bawd" is a woman in charge of a brothel. "Bawdy" is humorously sexy (or sexily humorous?). In a way, Lucia is the madam in her fantasy as she provides herself with a lover. Her story about a lover basically named "Fidelity" is also pretty funny.

"underlit and moon-age"
Spoonerism for "underage and moonlit." "Moon-age" means Lucia was about the age of first menstruating. "Underlit" as in mood lighting for sexual escapades.

This sentence is really scaring me. I think the previous 50 sentences were Alan Moore preparing the reader for his really insane wordplay. If 50 sentences in I'm having difficulty with the interpretation, what's it going to be like when I'm 1000 lines in? Oh god. Are there 1000 lines?! There are fifty pages at maybe 20 lines per page so . . . oh no. Oh god. No. What am I doing with my free time?!

"formircations" 2nd try
Obviously this is meant to be "fornications" which is another way of saying "doing the birds and the bees." If I were Alan Moore, I would have made it more like "fabrications" because Lucia is making her hot sex stories up. But instead, we get "former" and "form" from this hybrid word. So in a "former" life, Lucia took the "form" of a "nymphomaniac" although she was lying because she was a huge liar who loved "kissing" "pillows."

This is wear I wipe my brow and say, "Whew!" Because I can do this one! Alan Moore put the "fuck" in "functional." That doesn't really work unless you "fuck" up the word the way Moore did. Also this kind of sounds like "fictional" because Lucia is a liar. Or was a liar when she was young. I think this is just an aspect of the current "doll."

This is the active male principle of the universe in Chinese philosophy. Lucia has a "fictional" "young" "male principle" that she tells everybody she is boning.

"Let in" from "Latin." Lucia "let in" her "yang" lover (the pillow). She probably put it between her knees and rode it aggressively.

Lucia just wanted a "lover" that would "lover her." That's why her imaginary beau gets the name "Fidelity."

Lucia "invented" a fake lover to "unleash" or "vent" her sexual fantasies on.

"Bly" is a likeness or resemblance. "Bly" with "her" suggests Sempo's entire likeness was that of Lucia because he was a figment of her imagination. "Blithe" is also "casual or heedless" as well as "of a happy or lighthearted disposition." Lucia resembles both of those definitions. "Scyther" is a Pokemon.

The "pseudonym" of her fake lover is a "clue" to his real (I mean fake?) identity. "Cluedo" is a game where you play fictional characters. But to solve a crime and not to have sex with.

"Sempo, sempo fiddles"
Sempo is the name of Lucia's fake lover. Maybe it's actually "Semper" since later in the sentence there's a clause that says "always faithful." That's how the reader knows to read "sempo fiddles" as the Marine's slogan of "Semper Fidelis." Although why the Marines have a slogan that means "I will not fuck around on my wife" is a bit weird. Anyway, Moore's twisting of "semper fidelis" is funny and clever and dirty so I really like it. Because "fiddles" means sexual molestation usually with the digits of the hand (or toe? Can you fiddle with your toes?).

"All of us." Or perhaps "all luc" as in a shortened form of Lucia? So Sempo is "all Lucia." I don't think he's "all us" though because I'm terrible at fiddling.

This is like "mouth feel" but for the spirit. Although it's pretty easy to feel faith and loyalty in an imaginary lover. Unless your self-esteem is tragically low.

Like a penis. Maybe with "faithfeel ween" in that it takes "faith" for Lucia to "feel" Sempo's "ween."

"factual act"
The complete opposite of "actual fact." Sempo is, in "fact," an "act."

"lonly senxual"
Lucia's "only" "sexual" experience so far has been "lonely" in that it was with her brother and who can you brag to about that?! She'd rather fuck a pillow and brag about that. "Senxual" is a combination of "sensual" and "sexual." Although I'd argue that having sex with a sibling is hardly "sensual." I guess Giorgio was just a romantic.

"Explorations" with a big old "splort" in the middle. "Splort" is the sound the penis makes when it ejaculates.

"hid bone whet'her holdher bluther."
Let's just wrap this up with the final clause all at once. "Hid bone" is obvious but I might have some fourth graders reading this so I should explain: "hiding the bone" is what adults call "putting the penis in the vagina (or possibly the butt)." "Whet'her" means that Giorgio got Lucia "wet" when he "hid" his "bone" inside "her." "Holdher" means he was tender, I guess, and cuddled afterward. "Bluther" probably means it was a "blunder" to "hide the bone" with her "brother." Maybe there's a hint of "blood" in "bluther" because Giorgio took her virginity.

Alan Moore's Jerusalem: Book 3: Vernall's Inquest: Round the Bend: Line 49

Line 49: "Her Babbo's bibby is tocked in the smilest nookst, ind then Luukhere as a mer taddler, boock den winshe alice was his liddel girl, his larking-gloss."

Non-Lucy-Lips Version: "Her father's baby is tucked in the smallest nook, and then Lucia as a mere toddler, back then when she always was his little girl, his looking-glass."

James Joyce. In the edition of Ulysses that he dedicated to Lucia, he signed his name "Babbo."

A "baby" wears a "bib." "Babbo's bibby" also sounds like baby talk.

Like the tick of a clock which has caused Lucia to age from Babbo's baby to the old woman she now is.

Babies tend to smile and make people smile. At least that's what I've heard.

"Nook" with perhaps "nest," as in "nested Russian dolls." Also a baby bird ("bibby" for "birdy"?) would be "tucked" away in a nest.

Alan Moore is going to drive me insane if he keeps replacing one vowel on an inconsequential word thus turning it into another inconsequential and often nonsense word which doesn't seem to shine any light on Lucia subconscious thoughts. I guess when she meant to stick the conjunction "and" in here, she was thinking about India? Perhaps it's as simple as "There was this baby doll and then the toddler doll which the baby doll was 'in'"?

The most twisted version of "Lucia" so far. Here name becomes "look here" or "luck here." Her subconscious sometimes doesn't expose secrets like how Giorgio was fucking her and her mom. Sometimes Lucia's subconscious simply reiterates what she's saying. So here we get Lucia pointing out the baby doll which is "in" the toddler doll which she wants us (the observers?) to see the dolls and exclaims, "Look here! It's me!" The "It's me!" comes through because it's Lucia's name which is being changed to "Look here!"

"mer taddler"
"Mer" as in "mermaid," or "of the sea." We've seen she's metaphorically been both water and fish so that continues. Perhaps it's because her mother's maiden name is Barnacle; perhaps it's just because of her connection to the River Liffey in one of her father's books. "Taddler" could be like a tadpole, another creature of the water. But it could also be "tattler" in that Lucia exposes her family secrets through her odd language. "Taddler" replaces "toddler" so it probably means Lucia was a bit of a tattletale when she was a young girl.

"boock den"
"Back then" but as a book and a den. A den is the lair of an animal and a book is where Lucia currently resides.

"When she" with a hint of "wish." Maybe Lucia "wishes" she were "back then" in the house ("den") with her "father" when he was writing his "books."

"alice was his liddel girl, his larking-gloss."
Alice Liddell was the girl Lewis Carroll based his character Alice (who adventured through the "looking glass"). There's speculation that Lewis Carroll may have had sexual feelings for Alice which parallel the thought that maybe Lucia and her father's relationship was too intimate.

"his larking-gloss"
"Larking" is to behave in a playful or mischievous way. Gloss is like the luster on a surface such as a "looking-glass." "Gloss" can also be to interpret a text as a reader would do reading this chapter. Lucia was James' "looking-glass" as she was a reflection of him. This could also suggest she was a muse for his "books" as he would look into her and his characters would reflect her personality.

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Alan Moore's Jerusalem: Book 3: Vernall's Inquest: Round the Bend: Line 48

Line 48: "En fict, she's no age atoll: she's orl her silves at whence, curdle to gravey, won insight the ether like a sat of Rushin' dirlls."

Non-Lucy-Lips Version: "In fact, she's no age at all: she's all her selves at once, cradle to grave, one inside the other like a set of Russian dolls."

Like the "Russian dolls" at the end of the sentence, Lucia is within herself. Every age experienced at once. This is the way I've always explained aging and why in my early to mid 20s, I fell in love with the cartoon Sailor Moon. It wasn't because I was a 20-something year old pervert. It was because I was also still my junior high school self remembering those heartaches and crushes and the intimacy of close young teenage friendships. It's why older people still feel so young; they were younger for many more years than the age they are now. They'll always feel all of those years mixed up. Your past experiences make you who you are and you don't stop being a five year old staring in awed wonder at your first butterfly simply because that time has passed. You are always that five year old. You will never again be that five year old. Lucia, though, it is suggested that she even remembers her future ("cradle to grave") as Snowy Vernall did.

"Fact" twisted into "fiction." Lucia's isn't literally different ages depending on her mood. But she metaphorically is and, within her mind, metaphorical is a good enough "fiction" to become "fact."

A ring-shaped reef formed by coral. The shape is reminiscent of a torus, the shape Snowy Vernall was obsessed with. Also "a toll" in that Lucia's "age" may be taking "a toll" on her.

Lucia is "all" of her selves at once meaning she is one age "or" another, varying from moment to moment and place to place.

Golden years are the years spent by an elderly person. "Silver" would probably mean middle-aged years then? Perhaps meaning currently she feels younger than her actual age. This could also reference "sylvan/elves" as she's out in nature, crossing the lawn and heading toward the grove of trees.

Lucia is the source of all her selves?

Suggestive of milk as a baby in a "cradle" would drink. Milk also "curdles" or sours as it ages. Lucia has soured to certain aspects of life. But not all as we'll see!

Lucia's death is imminent as she flounces toward the grave. But also every year is "gravy," to be savoured and enjoyed. If Lucia has soured over time, she still greets every day with "delight" and "joy."

"won insight"
Wisdom and "insight" are hard "won." "Inside" Lucia are many "insights" "won" from her many years of "experience," possibly mainly due to all of her "errors."

The sky. Or an anesthetic. Being under the open sky sedates Lucia in a pleasant, stress-free fog.

Lucia has a "set" of dolls of herself "sat" inside her.

"Rushin' dirlls."
"Russian dolls" with "rushing girls." Rivers "rush" and so Lucia is a "rushing girl" or "rushing river." "Dirlls" could also be "drills" as in if a person were to "drill" down into Lucia, they would find smaller and smaller, or younger and younger, versions of herself.