Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Nearing forty and it's really beginning to dawn on me how little time I have to get in everything I want to do every day. I haven't been reading much the last few years because I've been spending that time writing. Or playing video games. Or sleeping. Or watching Netflix streaming. Or leaving the house for various reasons. Or who knows what else. But I read two books in the last week (Salmon of Doubt by Douglas Adams and Childhood's End by Arthur C. Clarke) and would like to keep up that kind of pace. Maybe one book per week. I have a library within walking distance, so maybe I should get a card before I start spending tons of cash at Powell's on Hawthorne.

Sometimes I think I need to start a time budget so I can make sure I actually get the writing and reading parts of my life in gear. I can't begin to imagine how people with full time jobs have any time to do anything they'd really like to do. Here's hoping that my 18 hour a week that pays like a 40 hour a week job never disappears.