Sunday, June 12, 2022

Alan Moore's Jerusalem: Book 3: Vernall's Inquest: Round the Bend: Line 53

Line 53: "She's a collacted valiume, a Compleat Lucia with her whorle lighf gethered into hadsome crepeskin bendings, a well-thrumbed uddition with eyndpeepers marvled and a speen that's still integt, tespite freakwend miss-handlings."

Non-Lucy-Lips Version: "She's a collected volume, a Complete Lucia with her whole life gathered into handsome sheepskin bindings, a well-thumbed edition with end papers marbled and a spine that's still intact, despite frequent mishandling."

"Collected" merged with "collated." So that's a bit redundant. But "coll" also means to embrace a person in British English. Perhaps Lucia sees the intimate relationships across her life as mere acts, as the doctors and nurses act now, nobody truly loving her through the years. I imagine if your loved ones stick you in an insane asylum, you'd question whether or not they truly loved you as well. Especially if after your father died, your mother never visited you again.

Lucia is both a "volume" of stories, her life's history, and also a tranquilizing drug to reduce anxiety. But that's probably because she's often thoroughly dosed with the stuff (or something similar with more complicated names). She is only as lucid as she currently is (and how lucid is that, really?! She's fucking confusing!) because she's been medicated. It's why the doctors and nurses have let her roam the grounds as mentioned previously.

"Compleat Lucia"
No reason to change complete in this way unless Lucia is not just a book but an archaic skirt. You can argue with me about why this skirt is archaic but if you do I'm just going to assume you're being difficult and obtuse in an attempt to try to make me look stupid even though "not understanding something as simple as me saying 'archaic' here because of the spelling of 'complete' as 'compleat'" means you're the stupid one.

Lucia's world is a whorl. So not only is she stacked Russian dolls but also circles within circles. Also suggestive of "whore" which sheds a sexual light on the "coll" from earlier and the interpretations of the rest of this sentence.

Probably another reference to the River Liffey. Remember, Lucia is both light and water! Also maybe it's just as simple as her "whole life" and "whole light." Maybe the river doesn't even come into this one. Shocker!

To "gather" Lucia and her life into one place, one would have to "get her" there. Perhaps, as a "whore," she had to "get her" sexual "ed"ucation.

Slang for having sex.

Apparently this is "sheepskin" which makes sense but only after I looked it up on the other site that already did this so why am I even bothering?! I guess because I want to see what I can make of it myself instead of instantly going to the Internet for answers the way modern people have learned to do. Nobody's opinions are their own anymore. It's all, "I like this! I wonder what all the other people think about it!" or "I don't understand this. I wonder what all the other people think about it!" or "I don't know anything about this thing that was mentioned in this comment conversation I'm having so I'd better look it up to see what all the other people think and then pretend that's what I have always thought too!" Oh, that's some good commentary for a bit about "sheep" skin, right?! Anyway, I don't know why Moore changes it to "crepe." Maybe Lucia's book is tasty and edible? Or is it supposed to suggest creepy, as in "Lucia's brother and possibly her father fucked her so her life was what one might think of as creepy"? Oh and you can hear "rape" in "crepe."

A "bender" is a homosexual. Unless it's a futuristic robot. Maybe neither of those things apply here. But it probably means something sexual!

The sound ("thrum") which might be made while flipping through the pages of a book with your "thumbs." A "thrum" is also a vibration which can stimulate a woman in much the same way a "thumb" can. It also ends with "bed" which is where a lot of pedestrian sex takes place (and also non-pedestrian sex!).

Remember that Nora is a cow. But Nora hasn't been mentioned here so this probably just refers to Lucia's breasts.

You read a book and its "end papers" with your "eyn" (German for "eyes") which are also called "peepers."

The "marbled" book was "marvelous" to look at. Perhaps her life's book was much like a comic book ("Marvel").

"speen integt"
The "spine" of the book being confused with the "peen" of a man which is "in tight" inside Lucia.

"Despite" but with a "t"? Who cares, Al?! Maybe "spit"? I think some people spit during sex!

When you get "freaky," you're fucking. And "wending" means "to go" which probably means going to have sex.

"Miss" Joyce was "handled" when she had sex with her partners. Also maybe some of her early experiences weren't great and could be thought of as having been "mishandled."