Thursday, July 19, 2012

Worlds' Finest #3

Since everything in France happens around the Eiffel Tower, I'm guessing everything in Tokyo happens near Tokyo Tower.

Last issue, Huntress was just about to be killed by the radioactive, radiation-eating Hakkou. The first five pages of this comic deal with the end of that fight within the belly of the Fukushima Nuclear Plant. My guess is that twelve issues from now, Huntress will be dealing with the cancer caused by this battle.

And then she douses herself with highly radioactive water for good measure!

Huntress drives Hakkou off by feeding him too much while Power Girl once again lies useless on the ground. Maybe not entirely useless. She did prove that she can endure high levels of pain to help out her friend by grabbing on to Hakkou's radioactive ankle without immediately being knocked unconscious for a third time. And Helena's crossbow bolts show themselves to be surprisingly useful. That's Paul Levitz big flip of the script here. "See? You would think Power Girl would be beating the shit out of everything while The Huntress's crossbow bolts would just bounce off everything modern. But her crossbow bolts are all zappy! And Power Girl isn't as invulnerable as you'd think! But with some sass and pep and best friendies forever love, they can get past any obstacle!"

After reading that last blast of my own sass, it probably sounds like I think this book is stupid! But I like it! Except for the whole Power Girl being knocked on her ass every issue so far. But I think she's still trying to work off the shame of being in Justice League International last universe.

After the fight, there's a flashback to 45 months ago. The past looks just like the old Justice League International!

Maguire's art makes me nostalgic for the those Giffen/Dematteis Justice League days.

Here are a few more panels of Maguire expressions.

I wonder if Kara has checked Mister Terrific's bed yet?

The friends meet up once each month to compare notes on the new world. Huntress brings her folder along to show the research she's done on this world's versions of people and places they knew on Earth 2. And Power Girl brings the research she's gained from all of her new experiences.

"Research, research, research, research, penicillin, research, research, OMFG RESEARCH, double blind study, control group, penicillin, research, research, re-re-re-RESEARCH!

I just tore a page in Issue #3 of Worlds' Finest carelessly removing it from the scanner! It's the end of the world! Nah, this comic will never be as valuable as those end of the world comics I have tucked away in my collection. Who knew Walking Dead would end up being worth so much? When it was just a rumor that AMC was going to possibly be making Walking Dead, I told my girlfriend that I hoped Walking Dead would turn into the next Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles since I missed out on that one! And I figured if AMC could do for zombies what they did for ad men, it would be a huge hit! Not like zombies really need any help at this point on the pop culture spectrum. I think my new comic book investment strategy is to buy any new titles not by DC or Marvel and authored by a guy whose last name ends in -man.

Kara's actual research (I say actual because I hinted that her research was all sex in that last caption. It was very subtle) is spent on trying to find a way back to Earth 2. But she can't figure out this world's programming languages so she decides to just start buying geniuses to do all of the inter-dimensional theory work for her.

Her pussy can't help her with this problem.

A few years later, Kara has built a pretty impressive technology company but her scientists still can't get a grasp of inter-dimensional technologies. And then her assistant tells her about Michael Holt (Mister Terrific!).

Her pussy can help her with this problem!

The interplay between this comic book and Mister Terrific is a really good example of the type of "World Building" DC should continue to do. This works really well. The blatantly throwing a character into another comic book just to remind the reader that other heroes exist out there and, hey reader, maybe you're missing out on some cool action in those other comics, is just shoddy and annoying and takes away from the stories the writers are trying to tell. When the characters have good reasons to interact with other characters that mesh with the stories they're telling, then it's believable and appreciated and actually works toward building that world DC is imagining. So kudos to Eric Wallace of Mister Terrific for preparing the way for this and to Paul Levitz for integrating it so well.

Back to the present! Since Power Girl and Huntress are in Japan and they've just encountered a creature that was filling up on radiation, what do you suppose will happen next?

性交 OH。 ません 再び。

Power Girl, finally knowing her limitations against this guy, blinds him with her heat vision. Then she knocks him into Tokyo Bay to move the fight to a less populated area. Apparently the heroes of Earth 2 actually care about things like collateral damage and innocent lives lost. But that's where the comic ends. Next issue, they need to head out to the bay and figure out what to do with this atomic monstrosity. Where do the Japanese keep Godzilla now? Is there still a Monster Island? Is there a prison for giant radioactive monsters?

Worlds' Finest #3 Rating: +1 Ranking. Last issue, I wasn't sure if this book was going to keep up the level of fun it had in the first issue. But this issue was as strong as the first, if not better. The Huntress and Power Girl are turning out to be two of my favorite heroes on Earth 1. I guess the title wasn't total crap hyperbole!

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