Sunday, July 22, 2012

Batwing #11

This scene looks like something out of West Side Story.

The Penguin was causing all kinds of trouble in Africa and China last issue. I guess if had to pick one criminal from Gotham to be involved in international shenanigans, it would be The Penguin. Unless it was an international chain letter that poisoned everybody in the chain and then I'd probably blame The Joker. Unless the chain letter was composed like a knock knock joke or a riddle, and then I'd blame The Riddler. Of course, I suspect Catwoman has done her fair share of international jewel thieving and rare cat smuggling. But The Penguin seems to be the most sane and the most well-organized of Batman's many enemies. So, yeah, I'd suspect The Penguin!

Batwing and Nightwing have ended up in China to discover why a Nuclear Scientist was kidnapped and blown up in African waters. I forget where exactly so "African waters" is going to have to do. I know Batwing was investigating Somali Pirates so probably the east coast of Africa. But I thought Batwing worked out of the Democratic Republic of Congo? I can't remember! So, anyway, they're in China now fighting a dragon, okay?

Oh, well fuck you, Batwing, for being so eloquent!

Nightwing remains indoors leaping and somersaulting around the room kicking thugs in the face and posing in awkward positions while the dragon and Batwing take their battle to the streets.

I don't care what level Batwing is. You don't fight a dragon alone.

The dragon fight will have to be rescheduled because the Wings were just waiting for the internet doohickey to download some information. Once it's finished, Batwing and Nightwing retreat and the dragon doesn't give chase. Possibly because it was knocked out by a sonic blast.So that whole thing ends anticlimactically.

Last issue, the governor of the Democratic Republic of Congo and his entire family and guests were killed in an explosion. Matu, Batwing's Alfred, is the estranged son of the governor and now the only surviving member of the Ba family. Lord Battle has permitted them to be buried in his nation of Tundi.

Oh come on! It's a fucking trap, Matu!

Lord Battle probably blew up the Governor's house to bring Matu out from wherever he estranged himself off to. And now Lord Battle is going to get him all alone in the middle of his country where nobody can save his ass. Except Batwing. And probably Batman if someone wants to give him a heads up.

This guy even has his own Super Team! I shall name them. Back row: The Hooded Reliquary. Front Row, left to right: Schwa, Dora the Horror, and The Concierge.

Meanwhile, Dick and David trace the Dragon's internet traffic to a warehouse in Uzbekistan. They beat up some more thugs and hack into another computer to find another trail leading back to The Penguin's casino in Gotham! And Batwing tells Batman! The Penguin is in for it now!

Oh come on! This is the least fair physical match-up in the entire DCnU!

Batman accuses The Penguin of selling somebody a nuke, so I guess that's what this whole thing has been about! It was probably stated clearly last issue and then I didn't make a note of it in my commentary so then I forgot about it this issue and just knew they were investigating the nuclear scientist and his involvement with the Jackals! But Batman is pretty mad! Although I think The Penguin can take a pretty solid beating, so he might not be too worried. But I bet he sold the nuke to Lord Battle! Mainly because these two storylines need to meet up somewhere, right?

Back in Tundi, Matu sneaks away from his watch and snoops around. He calls Batwing on a phone that will remain scrambled for ten minutes. Matu believes Tundi has oil fields which it shouldn't have. And then he discovers them and tells Batwing! I'm not sure if I should be using exclamation points here. Is this exciting? Is it bad that they have oil rigs? Why? Where does the nuke come in?

Anyway, Matu is shot in the shoulder as Lord Battle discovers him wandering about. He picks up the phone and tells whoever is on the other end (Batwing!) to forget what he heard and to forget Matu Ba because he is dead. As is anyone who enters his country! And guess who is going to be entering his country next month!

Someone really is going to die! Probably! You know, one of the JLI! Duh.

Batwing #11 Rating: No change. This comic gets my "if you like Batwing, you'll enjoy this comic" seal of approval. But it isn't anything special right now. Oh, also if you like seeing Nightwing jump about with his legs spread and his crotch in your face, this'll be right up your weird, perverse, sexy-time alley.

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