Sunday, April 7, 2013

Justice League Dark #18

I always like how Deadman has to be shown running into battle as well. He might as well just float above everyone cracking wise.

Constantine and his army have escaped from Epoch City, the new science capital of Faerie. Tim, Zatanna, and their army of mythological creatures are storming the city. And Tim's father is still trying to enter the Portal so that he can get Tim the solution to stopping the magic storm ripping all of the worlds apart.

A number of pages pass with people fighting and words being said before Tim and his Dragon finally destroy the shielding on the city allowing the Chaos Magic Storm to begin destroying the city.

And then Zatanna gets all touchy feely on everyone and decides that nobody should die in this war.

Too bad the "good guys" in war don't think the way Zatanna does. In fact, war should simply be a one on one, hand to hand death match between the leaders of two countries. Leaders are easy to reelect! And then the new leader can still challenge the other country's leader until one side is tired of having new elections. Although if it worked that way, I would suggest we elect a tiger or a grizzly bear as the president! His policies might suck after the other country finally stops sending in new leaders to challenge him. But he'd only be President Bear for four years! You know, I might actually like politics if there was a certain amount of randomness and whimsy inherent in the system! But that's the least of what the people who want to control everything for their own advantage want. They don't even want a level playing field! They continually rig the system to keep every advantage possible. "They" are whoever you want "them" to be. I don't have time to explain myself!

Zatanna casts a spell to help protect the citizens and then flies in with the captain of the science police, Vikar, to try to help him. Either he's going to try to kill her when he gets the chance or he's going to think, "Everything I ever learned ever was wrong! This magic person cares about human life! Where have I gone wrong? How could science teach me evil?!" And then he's going to jump off of a bridge and drown himself.

Tim's dad Jack Hunter (hee hee hee! His name has "cunt" in it!) finally arrives. And he's not the mundane nobody that everybody thought he was! He flies up to speak with Tim and freezes everything around them. I guess everybody in the Hunter family was born with the Hoodoo. And he brought Dr. Peril's plan along with him.

Why was I expecting the plan to make sense? I'm glad I didn't try guessing at it.

The plan works and everybody on Epoch lives happily ever after.

Constantine and the rest of Justice League Dark head back to Earth while Tim and Jack Hunter decide to stay behind. And back on Earth, Constantine decides Justice League Dark should be independent contractors.

I like how he simply poaches Black Orchid from A.R.G.U.S.

Justice League Dark #18 Rating: No change. This issue just seemed anti-climactic. I want to know why Black Orchid turned into a monster on the other side. Why was John incapable of lying? Why was Deadman once again alive? Why did Xanadu lose her immortality? Why didn't anything happen to Zatanna or Tim? I'm glad they won't be working for A.R.G.U.S. anymore. That was useful enough to explain the Justice League part of their name which will now stick. But if they stuck with A.R.G.U.S., it was only a matter of time before Amanda Waller was running the show.

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