Monday, April 1, 2013

Firestorm! (as seen in Firestorm!)

Part 20 of an at least 52 part series of Who’s Who entries of New 52 characters (but probably a whole lot more what with cancellations and all).

Alter Egos: Ronald (Ronnie) Raymond (originally Rockwell) and Professor Martin Stein [Now, of course, Jason Rusch playing the part of the smart half.]
Occupation: (Raymond) College Student, (Stein) Physics Professor at Vandermeer University, former designer of Hudson Nuclear Facility, former employee of Concordance Research Corporation [Jeezly Crow! This category wasn't "Resume"!]
Marital Status: (Raymond) Single (Stein) Divorced [You'd think they'd throw a comma in their somewhere.]
Known Relatives: (Raymond) Edward Raymond (originally Rockwell, father [What's with the originally Rockwell crap?]), Elaine Rockwell (mother, deceased [Do I sense some incest happening here? Is that why the name change!?]), (Stein) Clarissa Clemens (wife, divorced)
Group Affliliation: Justice League of America
Base of Operations: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, formerly New York City
First Appearance: FIRESTORM #1
Height: (Firestorm) 6'2" (Raymond) 6'1" (Stein)5'10"
Weight: (Firestorm) 202 lbs. (Raymond) 179 lbs. (Stein) 161 lbs.
Eyes: (Firestorm) White (no pupils) (Raymond) Blue (Stein) Brown
Hair: (Firestorm) Inapplicable [Yes it is! The color you want is FIRE! Fire is the color you want!] (Raymond) Brown (Stein) Gray [Or Grey.]

"Nobel prizewinning physicist Professor Martin Stein designed the Hudson Nuclear Facility, a fully automated nuclear generating plant. His former assistant, Dr. Danton Black (see Multiplex), falsely accused Stein of stealing his plans for the plant, causing the government to forbid the plant's opening until Black's charges were investigated. Stein, however, was determined to start the plant's operation that night.

That evening high school student Ronnie Raymond decided to join Edward Earhart's anti-nuclear power group [Oh! Oh! Irony!], which was protesting the facility's opening. Raymond, however, objected when he learned that Earhart planned to blow up the plant. Stein activated the plant's nuclear reactor. Earhart knocked both Raymond and Stein unconscious and left them in the main reactor room with a bomb [I think some pertinent information was left out for space. How did they all get in the reactor? Why was Ronnie inside with Earhart after protesting the protest? How did Earhart knocking them out?]. Raymond revived moments before the bomb exploded, increasing the scale of the ongoing nuclear reaction [Wait. The act of Raymond reviving increased the nuclear reaction?]. Raymond and Stein were bombarded with radiation and fused into the Nuclear man called Firestorm. Firestorm captured Earhart, became a super-hero, [Spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on therapy,] and eventually joined the Justice League of America (see Justice League of America)."

"Through an act of will on the part of either man, Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein can fuse to become the composite super-human being called Firestorm. Apparently Raymond and Stein must be within a certain undefined radius of each other in order to merge [Probably six inches! Wokka wokka wokka!]. When the merger occurs, the man who did not will the merger [This is getting into dicey legal territory, I think.] vanishes altogether, and Firestorm appears in the place of the man who willed the merger. Although the two men's bodies fuse [I knew this whole Firestorm thing was simply a romantic analogy.], their consciousnesses remain mostly separate. Because only Raymond was conscious at the time of Firestorm's creation, it is his consciousness that controls the Nuclear Man, although Stein's can offer advice. If, however, Raymond is unconscious when the merger occurs [Okay, now I KNOW that's illegal!], Stein's consciousness controls Firestorm. When Firestorm turns back to Raymond and Stein, the two men appear next to each other.

Firestorm's principal power is the ability to perceive and rearrange the atomic and molecular structure of matter, so as to change its form or transmute it. He can alter the density of objects, including his own body, even so as to render them intangible. Firestorm can project bolts of nuclear energy, fly at great speed, and absorb explosive force and radiation into his body harmlessly. However, if he directs his power against organic matter other than himself, he causes only an energy feedback that may harm him. Also, he cannot project energy bolts while he is intangible.

Firestorm's hair appears to be aflame, but this effect does not harm him."

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