Friday, July 13, 2012

DC Universe Presents #10: Savage

Flashback! See little Kass Savage run! Run Kass Run! Learn how to run well, Kass! Run very fast! Run home to Mommy and Daddy! Oh! Here is mommy! Mommy is sad! But where is Daddy? Daddy, come out! Come out Daddy! Mommy says Daddy killed them all! All of them were killed by Daddy! Bye bye, childhood! Bye bye!

The Present! See Kass fly on a helicopter. Fly Kass Fly! Kass has found her daddy. Where were you hiding, Daddy? Kass asks Daddy about Mommy. Daddy says he doesn't think about Mommy anymore. Kass is angry. Kass is disappointed. Daddy says Kass should get over it. Get over it, Kass. Get over it. Daddy is helping Kass now. Isn't that enough?

Elsewhere! See the Swan? Isn't The Swan beautiful? Oh! And the Angel! The Angel is with the Swan! What are they up to? They are playing a game! Play, Swan, Play! Play, Angel, Play!

The Scene of the Crime! Look, Daddy, Look! This is where it happened, Daddy! Look down, Daddy, not up! Look down at the ground! Daddy looks up. Daddy doesn't need to look at the ground! The stars are a map, says Daddy. The stars will lead you to the Swan, Kass. See the stars twinkle, Kass? Twinkle, stars, twinkle.

Watch Daddy use a sextant. Line up the stars, Daddy! Line them up! Daddy was a lawyer, not a sailor! How does Daddy know how to use a sextant? See Daddy find dead stars in the sky! Kass looks. Kass does not see the dead stars. How does Daddy see dead stars? Are you immortal, Daddy?
Daddy sees the path. Daddy knows where the Swan plays his games. Daddy leads Kass to the Swan's clubhouse. See the clubhouse! It has been desanctified! Can you say desanctify? I can't.

Kass doesn't need Daddy anymore! See Kass send Daddy back to the helicopter. Daddy is upset. No, Kass, no, says Daddy. Yes, Daddy, yes, says Kass. Daddy goes back to the helicopter. But Daddy remembers. Remember, Daddy, remember. It was too easy. Daddy senses a trap. Look out, Kass! Look out!

See the helicopter head back to Belle Reve? Bye bye, Helicopter! Bye bye! Bye bye, Daddy! Bye bye!

But Daddy does not want to go! Daddy wants to help Kass. The Swan is going to play a mean game with Kass. A very mean game. Daddy kills the guards with his bare hands. Beat them, Daddy, beat them! Daddy gets the key to his shackles with his teeth. Bite, Daddy, bite! Daddy escapes from the helicopter! See Daddy fall. Fall, Daddy, fall! Daddy smashes into the ground. Smash! Crash! Daddy gets up, unhurt!

Daddy has escaped to help Kass! Go help Kass, Daddy! Help Kass!

DC Universe Presents #10: Savage Rating: +1 Ranking. This is a good story. Read, reader, read! It is good!

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