Monday, November 30, 2015

New Suicide Squad #14

Doesn't this look like a wacky road trip of fun?

Last issue ended with Vic Sage pushed the buttons to blow up the heads of all of the Suicide Squad members. It doesn't really matter though because this cover is assuring me that nobody's head exploded. Not that I expected anybody's head to actually explode! This is the New Suicide Squad, after all. And the main thing that differentiates The New Suicide Squad from the previous incarnations of the Suicide Squad is that nobody dies in this one. It's been fourteen issues and the only corpses the team has to show for their suicidal efforts are a few dozen Man-Bats. And those aren't anything special. Everybody has a few of those lying around. Sure, they also lost Reverse-Flash but he just traveled back in time. That's not even a speed bump to somebody linked to the Speed Force.

I'm pretty sure you're going to have to explain it to somebody!

Vic Sage decides to explain his actions a little bit to Bonnie. He points out that Waller has gone rogue and he doesn't want her using Task Force X assets to help her with whatever she plans on doing. She's probably planning on ruining Sage and destroying his relationship with Corvus Corp. Also she probably plans on simply destroying Corvus Corp because it's probably full of murderers. Why else would they choose the name Corvus?

Waller rallies her troops and tells them about how Vic Sage should be the first person to die in this comic book. He has been kind of useless. The only reason the Squad needs two people to lead it is so that one of them could wind up being a traitor. I hope I predicted that in an earlier issue. I probably did. No need to fact check that. If I just write a few more sentences that don't really say anything but distract me long enough, I'll simply remember the statement that "I hope I predicted that" as "I totally fucking predicted that." Boom. Done! I'm a genius.

Part of Waller's speech to her team involves mentioning that she disengaged the neck bombs before the mission. The Squad reacts predictably.

They all have long distance weapons. Why the fuck are they charging her?! No, no! I already know the answer to that! Fuck you, and/or comic books!

Boomerang is supposed to be a master of the boomerang and yet he gets close enough to Waller to get kicked in the chin. He's an idiot.

Here's a question that I may have asked before: why have a character whose prime ability is to throw boomerangs when he creates them out of thin air and never has to worry about them returning to him? Isn't that the main appeal of a boomerang?! I've seen nerdy kids in the park throwing them around and they never have more than one. Who needs the thing to come back if you can simply create as many as you want? Come to think of it, Batman's rarely come back either. I guess they both just use them because they're easily controlled projectiles which you can aim at anything anywhere without having to rely on a straight line of attack. Although that brings me back to my first criticism: why is Boomer getting so fucking close to battle Waller?! He's an idiot.

Of course they're a crutch! They keep him at a distance and out of danger! He shouldn't even be in hand-to-hand combat!

Lawton takes down Amanda as Amanda is kicking Harley's ass. After that, the three of them kick the shit out of her for a bit before Lawton threatens to blow Amanda's head off. That's when Amanda finally decides to let the Squad in on her little secret. Although even seconds before her brain eats a bullet, she's still acting coy and refusing to get to the point. How badly does she not want to save her own life?! I don't know if she's stupid or brave but I do know that the first thing I would have screamed when the Squad began jumping over pews to kick my face in is "IF I DIE THE BOMBS IN YOUR NECK WILL EXPLODE!" I wouldn't say I'm a coward. I'd say I'm a survivor at any cost who long ago cut out the word "dignity" from my dictionary.

Waller tells the Squad that if they help her bring down Vic Sage, she'll let them go free. I guess at that point, Harley Quinn will finally be able to star in her own monthly comic and her own bimonthly comic and a whole shitload of one shots and a mini-series to boot. Up until now, she hasn't had the time because she's been incarcerated in Belle Reve. I think.

Back at Belle Reve, Vic Sage realizes he needs some muscle on his side. Bonnie probably won't help him because she's probably working for Checkmate. So he finds an inmate who hates Amanda Waller enough to help him out: Black Manta. Is that the only thing Black Manta lives for? Vengeance on a few very particular people? He can't define himself except through his hatred of other people? Seriously, he hasn't pursued his own interests since Aquaman killed his father. Every decision has been based on Aquaman. I guess at least now he has a choice again. Does he try to kill Aquaman or Amanda? Ugh. People actually like this guy? I hate Black Manta simply because that oversized helmet on a usually too long neck completely freaks me the fuck out.

New Suicide Squad #14 Rating: No change. Still nobody died! What the fuck, Suicide Squad? Why are you fucking teasing me like this?! Fourteen issues plus an annual and this book has yet to kill anybody on the team! What pisses me off the most is that every issue begins with the introduction that states "Officially, they are called Task Force X. Unofficially, they have a more accurate name...Suicide Squad." It isn't accurate at all! Is there a dictionary in the offices at DC? I want somebody to go pick up that dictionary and look up the word "suicide"! Also look up the word "boomerang" because I don't think they understand what one is or how it works. Most of the time when you use the boomerang as a weapon, you don't charge the kangaroo, get right in its face, and hurl the boomerang as hard as you can so you inevitably completely miss while also getting kicked in the junk by the kangaroo. At least I don't think that's how you use one. The only boomerang I've ever thrown was one of those nerf ones that doesn't actually look like a boomerang but it still comes back when you throw it. Unless you threw it right at your sister's face and then it never comes back because your stupid mom locks it away in a drawer.

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