Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Resurrection Man #10

What if Mitch Shelley came back with the power of immortality?!

Mitch and Rebecki are on the hunt for the lab where Mitch used to work before he became Resurrection Man. But he and Rebecki have no idea where to start looking. All Rebecki has is a vague image of a location which she gleaned from Mitch when she touched him. That's because she's a Perverkinetic. She gets psychic impressions when she touches people. They spend the first half of the comic finding this place and realizing it's the Transhuman's secret base. At least Andy and Dan (the writers!) didn't forget about Transhuman.

During those first ten pages, I guess the reader is supposed to learn some stuff. Rebecki can handle herself with a gun. Mitch and Rebecki like to smart off to each other a little and flirt with each other the rest of the time. Rebecki likes to Narration Box. And Mitch currently has shadow powers. Maybe I should reread the first half and see if there was any subtext.

Now I've read the first half twice and I didn't even find any pictures I wanted to scan. This is going to be the quickest commentary yet!

Here, Mitch and Kim pose for a Carrington College photo shoot. "I can't believe I had a career, not just a shitty job, in ten short months! The teachers are great and don't make me feel like a retarded drop-out! Why would anybody go to college where they can explore who they are and meet like-minded thinkers for four whole years when they can go to Carrington College and learn how to do some rote job, I mean career, in the same amount of time it took me to push out my baby!"

Mitch and Kim discover that Daryl the Transhuman stuck a tracking device in himself for some reason. They load the information into a tiny tracker so they can locate him and the lab since Mitch figures he was taken into custody by The Body Doubles after he was cremated. And speaking of cremation...

Maybe now I'll find out what caused Mitch to wake up in an ambulance in Gotham after being cremated! Although maybe it had to do with the demon realm waystation he stopped in after being cremated by Suriel. That place had lots of outlines of Mitch's corpse. Maybe he had the power to enter any one of his bodies at any place in time? Perhaps he time traveled via Resurrection which would bypass Flashpoint somehow.

Yeah, let's talk more about that!

Kim hops into some sort of Transhuman Ripley Battlemech thing and begins fighting angels with Mitch. But before the combat can be decided, some demons appear to fight for the underground team.

I would have called her a feathered cunt.

Mitch negotiates a peace treaty between the Angels and the Demons by promising them that if they leave him alone for one full week while he figures out what or who or why he is, he'll surrender himself to whichever one claims him first. I don't know what he means by that. Whichever one yells, "Dibs!" as soon as exactly one week is up?

Kim and Mitch hop in some kind of tank-van hybrid that Transhuman created and set off following the tracker to find Transhuman. And Mitch never made it to the lab on the cover! Another fucked up DC Cover!

Resurrection Man #10 Rating: No change. I'm glad the plot is moving along and including characters and plot points left behind for a few issues as Mitch dealt with his weird out of body Resurrection between Portland and Gotham. And then he had to fight the Suicide Squad because his name and Waller's were pulled out of the Which Comics Should Crossover This Month Hat. And they almost talked about what happened that time in Portland when he was killed too much! But they didn't. It's possible I would have given this issue a +1 Rating but I promised to drop it by -1 Point until the waking up in a Gotham Ambulance thing is explained. So, no change! Sorry Andy and Dan!

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