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Nightwing #11

Talons. Alpha-Omeganauts. Cleaners. Mutliple Crime Bosses and their gangs. Gotham is too fucking crowded.

Higgins spends a thrifty two panels explaining where Issue #10 left off, so I'll just use that.

I don't think he actually spent any time trying to change their minds.

Nightwing tries his best to beat up an entire army but the leader hides in the shadows until the he sees a chance to zap Nightwing and act cocky. Nightwing tries the changing their minds thing again but he seems to have suffered a concussion.

Perhaps the "Your Friends" are a gang. Or a singing group.

Turns out the Republic of Tomorrow blame the heroes of the city for attracting all the dangerous gangster, crazies, and villains, so they intend to kill all of the heroes of the city. I suppose they don't see the irony in their mission statement. Nightwing gets away from this army. Unless this army gets away from Nightwing. I'm not exactly sure who actually does the escaping. Either way, they're all just going to have to finish the fight later.

Nightwing decides to confront Officer Nie about trying to frame him for the murders of the Strayhorn brothers. He believes it was this guy because, well, all the evidence points to him. But also Nie tried to frame Batman in the Rossini case which I don't know anything about. Either it's referencing something from before The New 52 or it's just fabricated history to show that this guy Nie is a gigantic douche. He's a metaphorical douche in that he's being used by Mayor Hady to clean up Gotham City! The only problem is Hady is cleaning up the city for the criminals.

The only reason the heroes are part of the problem in the DCnU is because the writers are lazy and inept. To be fair, the old DCU had lazy and inept writers as well!

Super heroes were initially running around in the comic book world to defeat the bad guys and keep people safe. But eventually, as I said, lazy writers came along and couldn't be bothered with creating a reason or a motive for the bad guys. So instead, they had the bad guys attack the good guys for the thinnest of reasons. Even good writers did shit like this which is why I prefer to use the adjective "lazy." After the plot where the bad guys were hunting the good guys became cliche, writers began asking the question, "What if the heroes weren't here? Half of these building-destroying conflicts would never happen!" And then came the flood of stories where the authorities and the populace began turning on the heroes and hating them.

I sincerely despise this trope. I don't know my pre-1980s comic book history very well, so I don't know if stories about humanity turning on the heroes were ever told. Perhaps it was Legends with Glorious Godfrey turning everyone against heroes that began the flood of the hated hero stories. Or maybe it was just the rise of the anti-hero with stories like Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and The Dark Knight Returns. These are all great stories (maybe not Legends. I remember not hating it and it was the first appearance of the new Suicide Squad team that I loved). Whatever the case, I'm tired of super heroes not being heroic. I'm sick of them always being on the defensive. This kind of shit makes a craphole character like Office Nie correct in his judgments! And that sucks.

Although I've been enjoying the comic up until now even though Dick was mainly fighting against that Saiko guy who was merely in Gotham to kill Nightwing. So maybe The Children of Tomorrow have a point! Hundreds of people almost died in the Haly Circus disaster that was cause by Saiko trying to kill Nightwing. Man, I just wish super villains would start stealing shit and trying to take over the world like the good old days.

Meanwhile in the sewers, Paragon and the members of his army that haven't fled discuss the Republic of Tomorrow's future. The members of Paragon's army have the thinnest of reasons for wanting Gotham's superheroes to hang up their capes. The main guy speaking out against shutting down all of this nonsense was angry at Batman because Batman crashed into the car this guy's sister was in and she ended up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Batman probably saved thousands of lives from the Scarecrow's fear gas or Riddler's deadly knock-knock jokes. Bruce Wayne should set up some kind of fund to pay for the medical bills of anybody hurt in any catastrophe or event in which The Batman tries to help. I'm pretty sure Bruce Wayne can afford it. If not, he could probably use all of his Batgear to win millions of dollars at The Penguin's casino.

Paragon gets a little upset that the members of his army have decided to abandon him and his cause. So he kills them. What else can you do?

Later, Dick's loan falls through because Dick Grayson is a big risk and the banks don't want to associate with him. So Dick decides to go pout in the Batcave. My sister used to do this when she couldn't get her way at home. She'd head over to our grandparents' house and sit around pouting until our grandmother would ask her what was wrong and then fix it. Looks like Dick is hoping Batman will ask him how much money he needs.

Oh! Maybe Damian can hack Bruce's bank account and be Dick's partner in the Amusement Park business!
Dick gains some insight from Damian while Damian tries to get Dick's goat. Unless Damian really is a brilliant and wise ten year old. Whatever the case, I like how out of all the past Robins, Nightwing seems to get some respect from Damian.

I'm constantly having problems with my laptop's keys not pressing because they get clogged up with random detritus (not Robotic, evil Detritus). How are Batman's computers not completely fouled with bat guano? Oh right. Alfred Pennyworth.

Nightwing begins to make some connections but the reader isn't really involved much in the revelation. He just figures out who the Strayhorn brothers were and why they were killed. But he doesn't clue me in! Sir! I paid $2.99 for this comic book and you will tell me what the hell is going on!

Wait. What?

Apparently Officer Stark was one of the officers killed by Saiko in the first issue. And Officer Nie here had a relationship with him. So Nie now blames Nightwing for Stark's death which is why he really wants to believe that Nightwing killed the Strayhorn brothers. But it appears somebody else framed Nightwing. Probably Paragon. But what is Paragon's connection to Officer Nie? They both blame Nightwing for being the cause of innocent people dying.

One thing Nightwing figures out is that the Strayhorn brothers had their Alpha-Omega Republic of Tomorrow tattoos removed a few days before they were killed. My guess is, like the rest of the army that tried to abandon Paragon this issue, they were killed for leaving the Republic of Tomorrow Army. The only real mystery now is why Paragon wants Nightwing blamed for it. It's easy to see why Paragon is manipulating the facts and evidence to get Officer Nie to believe it was Nighting. Paragon wants Nightwing dead. But why? WHY?! Who is Paragon?

Nighwing #11 Rating: No change. The issue didn't really pack any surprises except for the reveal that Officer Nie was in love with another cop. But the main thing this comic highlighted was the fact that Nightwing's entire run of issues has been about villains hunting Nightwing because of who he is. You know, he's always had this kind of trouble. The Teen Titans in the Pre-52 were always being attacked by one super villain or another whose only reason for existence was to end the Titans' existence. Sheesh.

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