Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #11

Are the people who work in Internal Affairs pricks because Internal Affairs hires pricks or because pricks like to work in Internal Affairs?

Last issue, Guy broke John out of prison while the other Green Lanterns distracted the Alpha Lanterns. But the other Green Lanterns lost all power to their rings and now John and Guy are on the run with no one to help them. Like the cover says!

Any Green Lantern that gets in the Alpha Lanterns way has their ring drained and they're immobilized. But one of the Alpha Lanterns refuses to arrest any of them because he's becoming increasingly uncomfortable with Lanterns battling other Lanterns. I know, rite?

You know you're on the wrong side when even Salaak won't follow shitty bureaucratic orders.

Of course the Guardians are watching the entire thing because they've been manipulating everybody any way they can. Whatever is going on right now is only working to further their plans or else they would put a stop to it. In The New Guardians comic, I was speculating that they're working toward a DC Universe that doesn't need central power batteries. I sure wish they'd get to a point in the DC Universe where the Guardians of Oa were extinct. Boy I hate those fuckers.

John and Guy take refuge underground in the Ring Foundry. They delve deeper and deeper looking for something they can use against the Alpha Lanterns.

They aren't going to stumble onto the Guardians new army. Right? Too easy, right?

Why isn't all the equipment that created the Manhunters destroyed? Those things didn't work too well. Perhaps the factory should be firebombed? And are the Alpha Lanterns robots? Perhaps the originals were but they probably rebelled and went insane like the Manhunters. So the Guardians just shoved that hose onto the chest of normal Lanterns and flipped the switch. And maybe if I knew anything more than "Green Lanterns once couldn't affect anything yellow", I'd know what the Psions were as well!

Well, Guy and John don't find any current Guardian experiments. But they do take pieces of all the failed experiments to build an army to fight their battle for them.

A few of them should be saying, "No Manhunter escapes the Manhunters."

A big fight ensues and many Manhunter Kits are destroyed. But they've been powered with some special Green Lantern Seminal Fluid from deep within the bowels of Oa! They slowly reform but not into their original shapes. They're all collected into one gigantic Alpha Lantern killing Manhunterstrosity.

Green Lantern Corps #11 Rating: No change. This issue was pretty slow and uninteresting. One of the Alpha Lanterns began having second thoughts and the rest of the Green Lanterns are on John's side. The Guardians are just sitting back waiting for whatever they want to happen to happen. Lots of fighting and not really much else to speak of.

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