Thursday, July 5, 2012

Green Lantern #10

Sinestro is making his own chains. It's like a metaphor or something.

Hal Jordan and Sinestro have found themselves trapped inside a the cave of the Indigo Light surrounded by all the previous members of the Indigo Tribe who have reverted back to their murderous personalities. But without their Indigo Power Rings, I'm pretty sure two Green Lanterns with power rings can defeat them. As long as Sinestro supplies Hal with a little more juice.

Except Hal, for once, decides that fleeing might be better than fighting. He drags Sinestro out of the cave and gives chase to Indigo Yoda. The maniacs give chase because what else do you do when you suddenly get back your insane mind and two Green Lanterns are standing in front of you? You kill them!

Unless you're Black Hand.

So once the Indigo Tribe is restored, Black Hand won't be. And then he can drown Hal Jordan in his madness! How is DC not fixing the problem of covers not matching the stories inside the comic?

Sinestro and Hal Jordan make a run for it even though Sinestro wants to stand and fight. It doesn't make sense to me that Hal Jordan doesn't also want to stand and fight! He always does the stupid thing. Instead, he drags Sinestro away because Hal wants to turn the Indigo Lantern back on because he needs to stop the Guardians before they dismantle all of the Lantern Corps.

Hal is either a liar or deluded. He already claimed all he wanted was a power ring when trapped on Earth and dragging his ass back to Carol. And then he still kept playing the hero even without his ring. Being a hero is all he wants. If he really wanted to get back to Carol, he would let the Guardians destroy the Green Lantern Corps. He'd be free. But he's going to fight just like he does every time (except this one time that he's running) because the ring is all he wants.

Hal and Sinestro eventually run into (and nearly over) Natromo (Indigo Yoda!). Hal captures him and asks him to fix the Indigo Battery. But Sinestro believes in convincing Indigo Yoda another way.

And that's why Sinestro cannot be trusted as a Green Lantern. He'll always truly be a Yellow Lantern because fear is his go to weapon.

Sinestro holds off the killers with his bare fists while Hal and Indigo Yoda head back to repair the Battery. Indigo Yoda finds he cannot manage it without a spark of Indigo Light but all of the rings have gone off line. But then Iroque, Indigo-1, arrives and pleads with them to fix the lantern. Out of all the Indigo Lanterns, she has truly suffered remorse for her actions. And with her sadness, she creates a spark of Indigo light which Indigo Yoda uses to repair the Battery. All of the Indigo Lanterns, including Sinestro, are restored. Oh, with the exception of Black Hand although his ring begins looking for his finger.

But William Hand manages to outsmart the ring.

Ha ha! Stupid ring!

Hal facepalms when he realizes Sinestro is once again an Indigo Lantern. He pleads with Indigo Yoda to let Sinestro go since Sinestro is the only one with any information about the Guardians and their plans (because he has the Book of the Black, I think). Indigo-1 is willing to release Sinestro if Hal Jordan thinks that Sinestro can be redeemed without the help of the ring. Hal Jordan, who wants the power of the ring more than anything, doesn't quite answer the question by saying, "I want to believe it." Well, isn't that a nice way to avoid having to answer truthfully since Hal's been telling Sinestro from the beginning of this comic that he doesn't trust anything he does and never will. Hal Jordan really is a selfish prick, isn't he? Now I completely understand why he became Parallax!

Meanwhile, William Hand's corpse regurgitates a Black Ring which slips onto his finger. The Black Corps returns! Somebody cue the cover of Issue #9 for use on Issue #11!

I have no idea what a Black Lantern Ring is capable of besides resurrecting the corpse of the finger it's on.

Green Lantern #10 Rating: +1 Ranking. I have a feeling the next issue is going to be a bit confusing for me since I don't know anything about Black Hand and the Black Lantern Rings. And the editors aren't going to give any helpful clues as to what's going on because they're not allowed to mention any pre-New 52 history. And since this comic had some good moments and was understandable on its own, I'll give it a boost in the rankings before it become incomprehensible to new readers once more.

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