Sunday, July 29, 2012

Wonder Woman #11

Cliff Chiang's Wonder Woman is simply lovely.

The wedding in Hades was a huge hit! Now, not everyone was there. And nobody actually got hitched. But Hades did fall in love with a mirror. And Strife had such a fabulous time, she immediately goes to rub it in Hera's face. Hera really isn't very interested in the exploits of Wonder Woman though. Especially now that Diana is protecting the baby that Hera just put a hit on.

Since this comic has taken up residence in the realms of Gaiman's Sandman and Xena, Warrior Princes, from the start, I'm suspecting she made a deal with one of the Furies?

Afterward, there's a really nice exchange between Demeter and Artemis concerning filling the vacancy left by Zeus. The dialogue between characters is really where Azzarello shines. The plot, so far, really isn't something that, as I've stated before, hasn't already been done in various ways. Zeus abandoning his post is quite similar to Destruction leaving his duties. I don't mind the similarities since I loved both Gaiman's Sandman and Xena, Warrior Princess. But the dialogue and interaction Azzarello brings to these characters really makes this book a stand out of its own.

I also like that this takes place in Coloma, Michigan.

Meanwhile, Hermes (in bell bottoms!), Diana and Lennox accompany Zola to Zola's doctor in Virginia to check on her pregnancy. It's gone a little weird seeing as how her time in Hades has pushed her further along in the pregnancy than she should be according to the timeline on Earth.

Half of the other writers in DC would have ruined this moment with a Narration Box. "I wanted to strangle him for saying that but I couldn't help thinking it as well." Blegh!

While waiting outside for Zola, Apollo and Artemis show up to put Wonder Woman and Zola's baby down. Apollo has wanted Zeus's throne from issue one and now Artemis seems to have thrown her antlers in the ring as well. I'm glad to see that neither Artemis nor Apollo recognize Lennox, so I don't feel bad for not knowing who he is either!

Now we can add Sailor Moon to the mix of stories Azzarello is stealing from. "By the name of the moon, I will punish you!" But that's okay because I also love Sailor Moon!

Wonder Woman, Hermes, and Lennox get their asses handed to them by Apollo and Artemis. I guess a sworn promise to protect Zola just wasn't as strong as two pissed-off, ambitious Gods. Apollo and Artemis kidnap Zola and take her to Olympus to meet Hera. In exchange for bringing Zola and Zeus's unborn child (who is Zeus, right?), Hera gives Apollo the throne of Zeus. I'm not sure what Artemis gets. Fuck all, I guess!

But before Apollo can take the throne, he's apparently going to have to kick Wonder Woman's ass one more time.

No Lennox since his rock body was nearly shattered by Artemis.

Wonder Woman #11 Rating: +1 Ranking. I like everything about this book but Diana is still mainly a cipher. I hope Wonder Woman #0 simply deals with Diana's personal life and hardly touches upon her Wonder Woman persona at all. Maybe show the costume hanging on the back of the bathroom door.

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