Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Justice League 3001 #11

Is Larfleeze showing them his penis?

The Review!
Keith and J.M. make a joke about how Larfleeze keeps repeating the same thing over and over. They do read their own stuff, right? Perhaps it's a self-referential joke! Ha ha! These guys are so funny! This story has gone a bit off the rails but that might be because of Rebirth and the end of nearly everything, including this title. It's also possible Keith and J.M. just got bored writing this. They seem like the kind of writers who come up with ideas they think are funny, enjoy writing those funny ideas for a bit, and eventually come to a place where they're desperately trying to wring the last of the humor out of the concept they came up with. Justice League 3001 has done its time and is ready to be put to bed. Hell, Booster and Beetle aren't even in it any more! I think they each had too many dicks.

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