Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Titans Hunt #7

I once ripped Marcus To four new assholes for a boring ass cover like this and it was done ten times better. This is bullshit, Romita. BULL. SHIT.

The Review
The greatest trick DC ever pulled was convincing comic book readers that the Teen Titans were ever entertaining. I blame the Teen Titans cartoon for making people think the comic was enjoyable. I've been trying to get through the second volume of the New Teen Titans (I think it's the second volume? The eighties version with Raven and Jericho?) and it's so much fucking shit that I can't force myself to get through more than one per week! And there are over one hundred of the fucking things! Maybe I'm just not the target audience for the Teen Titans. I think the target audience is dunderheads who don't give a shit about theme or plot or characterization and just want to read romantic triangles and see characters give each other longing looks spurred on by unrequited love! Fuck that nonsense. Love is bullshit and fantasy love in fictional stories is even bigger bullshit than that! You want to read a real love story? Read Edith Wharton's Age of Innocence. Now that's a fucking love story! Compared to that, romance in the Teen Titans books is equivalent to sticking a finger up your ass and giving it a nice big whiff after. Titans Hunt is not better. Which is sad because it's the best depiction of these characters since The New 52 began. Which isn't saying munch since Scott Lobdell has been set up as regent of their omniverse.

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