Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Omega Men #10

I'm surprised DC has been competent enough to let Trevor Hutchison do every cover of this series. Best set of covers ever. That's probably not hyperbole.

Rating: This is currently my favorite monthly comic book from DC Comics. Yes, it surprised me too. I remember back in the eighties passing this comic book by on the shelves because it looked boring and the characters all had boring names. Broot was brutish. Demonia looked demonic. Doc was a doctor. Unless he wasn't. But I assumed he was! Felicity was a cat. The Green Man was green. Harpis was harpy-like. Kalista was beautiful. Primus was leader. Tigorr was a tiger. You get the idea! And if pink-clad Lobo seemed too "wolf-like", Giffen made sure to remind everybody that his name meant "He who devours ones entrails and thoroughly enjoys it." I think. That definition is off the top of my head. The characters have the same names in this series but that's to be expected! It wouldn't be The Omega Men without the same characters! This is a Reboot, not a Totally-Forget-Everything-You've-Ever-Known-Boot!

I'm probably not going to comment much on this book because I simply want to read it and take it in and enjoy it. I don't remember being so eager for a story to finish since the SAS story arc in Hitman. And yes, yes, I know. A bunch of you pussies are thinking right now, "But if you like it so much, why would you want it to end?!" Go fuck yourselves.

After the revelation that the Citadel murdered everybody on Voorl for profit, the rest of the Vega System has erupted into chaos and rebellion. Especially Karna because it seems The Citadel has its sights on making Karna their next Stellarium Mine. Which means putting an awful lot of kitty cats in a sack and finding a nice big lake to toss them into. The worlds of the Vega System are on their own because the planets that need Stellarium to prevent going all Krypton don't really give a shit about the Citadel's methods. Unless, of course, The Citadel can't produce any Stellarium. And then they'll remind a galactic court how The Citadel committed genocide.

Karna manages to fight off the Citadel but it's only the beginning of the rebellion. The Viceroy's life is at stake. If he can't manage to turn one planet into a Stellarium Mine, he'll be tried for genocide and executed. It was the Omega Men who won up until this point because they were desperate and had nothing to lose. Now it's the Viceroy's turn.

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