Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Daredevil #5

Is this guy The Hand who The Hand are named for?!

I probably know a little bit more about Daredevil than the average person on the street who doesn't respond to "Daredevil" with "Evel Knieval?" I did have the Daredevil Secret Wars figure when I was younger. You know, the one with the secret shield cheap-ass hologram thing? I also had Wolverine. I probably made Daredevil bump into things a lot. I'm sure his stick (as well as Wolverine's claws) wound up mixed in with all of my Star Wars figure weapons. It's also possible I just gave Wolverine's claws to a Batman figure.

I appreciate that Marvel Comics prints up the Synopsis Page at the beginning of each of their comic books. Why DC doesn't do this, I have no idea. They do realize that a large majority of their fans are at that age where memory isn't everything it used to be. Also I'd rather have the previous issue of Teen Titans summarized for me before reading the new one so that I don't have to actually waste any brain space remembering that garbage.

Daredevil has become a prosecutor which I guess is new? He's always been a defense attorney before this? I guess? So now he's trying to beat up criminals so the cops can arrest them so that he can send them to prison in the courtroom! Now he just needs to get a job pulling the switch on the electric chair and he'll have a monopoly on justice!

Currently Daredevil is trying to get Tenfingers behind bars but his job has become complicated by The Hand butting in. They want to kill Tenfingers for stealing their special hand lotion and Daredevil doesn't like the idea of killing. I know that because I saw the second season of Daredevil on Netflix and Daredevil was constantly going, "No Punisher! Don't kill those people! Stop it, you big brute!"

Oh, this guy is named The Fist. Don't all the hand references get tiresome after awhile? And how many more can even be made at this point? We've got Tenfingers, The Hand, and The Fist. I guess Open Palm and Jerk-off Motion haven't been used yet.

I bet there is at least one Hand Ninja who always cracks himself up when starting a mission by saying, "This looks like a job for The Hand!"

I'm not one to engage in all the DC versus Marvel fanboy nonsense but I'm offering this to anybody to use on a forum when someone says that DC is too silly or unrealistic. Just reply with this image from the Marvel Universe!

Blindspot is locked in Tenfingers' temple along with The Fist so he sends a Tweet asking his followers to all say "Daredevil. The temple." Matt gets the message and rushes off suspiciously. Although it's not really suspicious because nobody would ever believe a blind guy is actually Daredevil! I'm reading it and I know it's a comic book and I know it's in a universe with Galactus and The Hulk and Batroc the Leaper, and I barely believe it!

Anyway, there's a battle and Tenfingers is killed and Daredevil saves some people and Blindspot saves more people and that's the end of that story. Next, Electra! Unless it's Elektra because she's Greek!

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