Monday, March 18, 2013

Doctor Psycho! (as seen in Superboy #18)

Part 18 of an at least 52 part series of Who’s Who entries of New 52 characters (but probably a whole lot more what with cancellations and all).

Full Name: Unrevealed
Occupation: Psionic Researcher
Marital Status: Widower
Known Relatives: Marva (wife, deceased)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: Washington, D.C.
First Appearance: (Golden Age version) WONDER WOMAN #5 (modern version) WONDER WOMAN #289 [(Reboot version) SUPERBOY #18]
Height: 3'9" (as Captain Wonder: 6'1" [Oh really? He can turn into a big ass super hunk?])
Weight: 84 lbs. (as Captain Wonder: 187 lbs.)
Eyes: Blue (as Captain Wonder: Blue)
Hair: Black (as Captain Wonder: Blond)

"As a schoolboy, Doctor Psycho was laughed at by his classmates [Probably due to his name.] because of his diminutive stature and unusually large head [I'm sure the name didn't help.]. Psycho especially took offense to being laughed at by girls [Well sure! Because you can't punch them in the nose when they mock you! At least guys laughing know they're risking a bloodied lip! Damn girls and their free-wheeling attitude toward insulting short losers with horrible names.]. Throughout his subsequent life, Psycho felt both desire for beautiful women and a psychotic hatred of all women [Wait. That's not the norm? Hmm. I wonder how cheaply I can get a psychiatrist?].

Psycho went to medical school and began research into psionics [Where did he go to medical school? Mars?]. He fell in love with a young woman named Marva [The Martian!], who regarded him merely as a friend [What did you expect? You don't bring home a potential husband with the name of Psycho!]. Psycho decided to hypnotize Marva into loving him [Seems like a reasonable plan. Look, you don't become friends with a guy named Psycho studying to get his psionics degree and not expect to hypnotized once or twice! I'm pretty sure this was the Golden Age version where victims were constantly asking for it and no seldom meant no and occasionally meant hypnotize me so that I'll sleep in a twin bed about two feet away from your twin bed.]. He then discovered that he could use Marva as a medium through which he could draw ectoplasm [Okay. This got really weird really quickly.], the substance found in the spirit world, and materialize it on Earth in whatever form he willed [I'm more disturbed for Marva that Psycho was using her as an ectoplasm pump than I was when he was raping her with his hypnotism. I should probably really get on that search for a therapist.]. Psycho used the ectoplasm to materialize a handsome body around himself, and married Marva [Is that a better deception than hypnosis? Or is this still wrong?]. However, he could not maintain [an erection?] his handsome form when Marva was either absent or free from his hypnotic influence, and for that reason, Psycho came to resent her [Yeah. What a bitch! How dare she break free from his controlling influence and live her life on her own terms when it means he can't be handsome!]. Marva was finally hit by a car and died [I like how the finally statement says it all: she was finally allowed some peace from this little monster. That "finally" is like a sigh of relief], and it has been implied that Psycho was responsible.

Doctor Psycho eventually discovered that he could use Colonel Steve Trevor as a medium [So he's actually Doctor Bipsychosexual?]. Having captured Trevor, Psycho used a machine called an ectoplasmotron to draw ectoplasm from Trevor's mind in the form of Trevor's idealized, super-powered fantasy image of himself [Aha! Doctor Psycho was able to use Trevor as a medium because of Trevor's loser status in Wonder Woman's eyes!]. Inhabiting this ectoplasmic form, Doctor Psycho battled Wonder Woman (see Wonder Woman II) under the name of Captain Wonder. As Captain Wonder, Psycho fell in love with the Silver Swan, an ugly young woman whom he vindictive god Mars had transformed into a super-powered beauty (see Mars, Silver Swan). Both Captain Wonder and the Silver Swan eventually reverted to their original forms.

Recently, Doctor Psycho obtained a machine called an ectoplasmic extractor from the Monitor (see Monitor), which allows him to draw ectoplasm into this world without the need of a human medium [Thanks a lot, Monitor! I guess less people will be psionically raped by this guy. But who needs a world full of ectoplasmic goo?].

The original Doctor Psycho fought the Golden Age Wonder Woman (see Wonder Woman I) in the 1940s. He too bore an insane hatred for women [Come on! Do you have to categorize "hatred for women" as "insane"? So biased.] and used a medium named Marva to draw ectoplasm into this world."

"Doctor Psycho's only super-power is his psionic ability to shape ectoplasm according to his wishes [I can see why this was changed in the Reboot since ectoplasm isn't the super fascinating believable thing it was back when Doctor Psycho first appeared.]. Originally he could only do so while in hypnotic control of a human medium whom he used to draw the ectoplasm to Earth. However, he now uses an ectoplasmic extractor device to give him the ectoplasm he needs. He can maintain the form he gives the ectoplasm for as long as he remains conscious.

Psycho often has used ectoplasm to give himself the form of Captain Wonder, who possesses super-strength greater than Wonder Woman's and the ability to fly [How? Why? Come on! I need some scientifically accurate ectoplasm!]"

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