Friday, March 1, 2013

Wonder Woman #17

Shouldn't I get a discount when Cliff Chiang doesn't do the interior art?

Last issue while Zola and Hera were visiting a bar in Manhattan, Zola ran into a God I hadn't been introduced to yet. Turns out it's Dionysus. So this bar is now stuffed full of demi-gods, gods, ex-gods, and a woman who once fucked a god and had its baby. This bar is really trying way too hard to be cool. Pretty soon they're joined by a New God, a superhero, and a man made of rock. Okay. That's it. This bar is over.

In the confusion of the gigantic BOOM of Orion's boom tube, Zola takes a knife to Ares because (thanks to Strife. I think) she believes he's planning on killing her baby.

But that doesn't work out so well for her.

Meanwhile the First Born and Cassandra get attacked by a Sea Serpent while flying in their helicopter. I should learn how to say that in sign language.

Back at the bar, War agrees to take Wonder Woman alone to Demeter's realm to find Zola's baby. Apparently only Olympians can travel to realms under the control of other Olympians without an evite.

Orion is not suffering from a lack of self-esteem.

I suppose all the Gods Wonder Woman is dealing with have various motives revolving, somewhat, around Zola's baby. Hera just wanted to kill Zola's baby out of jealousy. That led directly to her becoming mortal. Apollo simply wanted to sit on the throne of Olympus and, after hearing an oracle, he felt he needed to take Zola's baby out of the equation. Strife, being the embodiment of conflict, might have no other goal other than to create chaos. Orion is on earth to stop the "new god" that will end time, possibly Zola's baby. Wonder Woman just wants to help Zola get her baby back and stop getting dragged into the affairs of the Gods. But what do Hermes, Demeter, and Ares want? I have no idea. Maybe if I reread all 17 issues, I might glean some new information (or old information that I've forgotten). But that would take more time than I currently want to spend on it. So hopefully in the next ten pages, at least one of those three will spill their immortal beans.

While The First Born argues with Poseidon and makes sushi out of his sea serpents, Wonder Woman and Ares enter a potted Sage plant and step into Demeter's realm. It's there they meet Hermes who ambushes Ares and holds them both at sword point. I suppose the answers will have to wait.

Wonder Woman Rating: No change. This is a comic book that I'd rather forgo the normal commentary and just bullet point the things that are happening so I can keep track of them all. Maybe I'll just do that in future commentaries so I can just sit back, relax, and enjoy Wonder Woman.

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