Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Dial H #10

I'm pretty sure I was fucked by this in a London Sex Dungeon back in 1993.

Last we saw Nelse, he had infiltrated the Nameless Canadian Black Ops Agency (unless it's only nameless because I've forgotten the name) as Glimpse. He found the Dial and because he's a spastic moron with more fat cells than brain cells, he decided he would try to steal it instead of just doing the reconnaissance like he was supposed to be doing. This brought him in conflict with the creature on the cover: The Bristol Bloodhound! It can't see Glimpse but it sure can smell him!

If this guy were in a Sex Dungeon, my guess is he'd pay to watch people masturbate while they poop.

The Human Centipede is the only person that can actually see The Glimpse due to his technologically fancy bug mask. He's manipulated Nelse and the Bristol Bloodhound into this confrontation so that he can observe how they react. So far, the Bristol Bloodhound seems to freeze up and follow Nelse's orders or at least be confused by them. Perhaps there's some kind of interference between the two Dials that confuses the beings inhabiting the heroes.

The Human Centipede shoots Nelson in the leg so that he can't escape. But while speaking with Manteau over their radio connection, he screams, "Help me!" The Bristol Bloodhound sees it as a command and picks up Glimpse to drag him out of danger. Perhaps some dials are simply subservient to other dials?

Come to think of it, I think I went by the name "Glimpse" back in my London Sex Dungeon days!

Nelson manages to get Bristol Bloodhound to take him to the rendezvous point where he meets up with Roxie. They're now one hostage and one dial richer than they were before! Perhaps I was wrong to jump all over Nelson for his premature escalation of their dial appropriation plans. But as they try to figure out why this guy and his dial acted so strangely, the hostage gives them the pertinent information needed to solve the mystery.

This is going to make Roxie and Nelson's relationship a bit awkward.

Does this mean there will be all sorts of Dials? Dial G for Goon? Dial T for Thug? Dial P for Pimp? Dial S for Slut?

Not only are there more than one type of Dial, the Dials can actually do more than change a person's shape. From some scattered notes of Eddison's encounter with the mysterious "O", The Human Centipede's Black Ops team realized the Dials are also capable of transportation when they're functioning correctly. The Human Centipede wants to get in contact with the Exchange, the people or the society that exiled "O" (or "O" escaped from with stolen technology?). He needs their help to hunt down Roxie and Nelson. And to find the Exchange, he's enlisted the help of the French leader of the Cult of the Dial that Roxie and Nelson fooled with their Super Wood Louse Dial Angel act a few issues ago.

Meanwhile Roxie and Nelson decide to try out the Hero and Sidekick Dials with Nelson volunteering to be Robin.

This way works. But I imagine it will be a disaster if Nelson has to lead Roxie.

And then it ends with me feeling really awkward about Batman & Robin, Captain America & Bucky, and Green Arrow & Speedy.

Roxie must be The Mistress.

Dial H #10 Rating: +1 Ranking. It was only a matter of time before these two dialed F-U-C-K.


  1. You spent time inn a sex dungeon? I smell a mini-series, or is that tears from broken dreams and dried semen?;)

    1. I've never even been to London so there's no way I would know about The Black Belly or any other similarly named places.