Monday, February 27, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #3

The issue begins with the Green Lanterns being overwhelmed by a titanic force of invaders. And, *le sigh*, here is Guy Gardner's reaction:

Really, Guy? That's your comparison? Custer had it tough? Custer who was trying to force the Lakota back into government reservations through violence and intimidation? Custer who led the attack on the Native American village at Little Big Horn. You mean Custer had it rough because he chose to attack an encampment of Native Americans that got the better of him? Is that who you're comparing yourself to? Because it seems the Green Lanterns in this comic are the ones being attacked by overwhelming forces. Both of those things seem opposite to what happened in Custer's situation.
Guy may be acting like a football coach here but shame on John Stewart for not correcting Guy's outburst! If John Ostrander were still writing John Stewart, he would have put Guy in his place! Maybe he'll do it later when they're all in less danger of being killed.

Guy Gardner also calls for back-up and a Green Lantern by the name of Porter teleports a large group of Lanterns to help out. But even teleporting the distance between Oa and Xabas will take five minutes. So reinforcements might not get there until next issue.

Meanwhile, barely holding their ground, John Stewart decides to use his ring to scour the mind of the few of these aliens they have captive. He's hoping to find a secret weakness to help defeat them.

So that's their weakness! Reading their minds to find their weakness!

So if the Green Lanterns just all start using their rings to read the minds of their attackers to find out where they're from so they can be stopped, all of the attackers will will themselves to die so the Green Lanterns can't find any information! And then the Green Lanterns will have stopped them! And since the alien invaders still need the Cheetah Squirrels for their homeworld, the Green Lanterns can hang around and wait for more to show up! Or do some more investigating! That's a good plan, right John Stewart!

Oh, okay. Fine. Do it your own stupid way then.

By saving this thing's life, John Stewart merely confirms that the beings have super willpower. Luckily for him, the other Green Lanterns get here just in time. They create a giant super sonic hammer that strikes the ground and knocks all of the aliens miles away. I guess. Whatever they do, it gives them some time to regroup.

This is the panel that allowed internet users to break the alien code. I, on the other hand, broke the code when I first encountered it in Justice League International simply by using my mad Cryptogram skillz.

The regrouping is mainly to formulate a teleport escape plan. Which they do. And Porter gets them all back to Oa. Well, most of them.


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