Monday, February 27, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #1

Yay! Guy Gardner & John Stewart together!

I'm not sure why anybody would read the normal Green Lantern title when all of the best Green Lanterns are in this comic book! Guy. John. Kilowog. Probably G'nort. (is that G'nort in-between Guy and John?) Maybe G'nort is too silly for the New 52. This is the new Millennium, dammit! Silliness shall be left behind!

I hope Ambush Bug eventually gets his own title in the New 52!

The issue begins with a couple of Green Lanterns out in Space Sector 3599 massacred by some invisible or very fast being. Only his hand is shown during the confrontation and I don't recognize that hand. It might be something new. Or something newly outfitted. Or just some enemy I don't remember. The rings of these newly dead Green Lanterns immediately fly off to find another host. They're basically just parasites feeding off of the will of the host! Green Lantern Rings are like tapeworms!

Back on Earth, we get to see a slice of Guy's life as he looks for some kind of normality in his life. Being a Green Lantern isn't everything and doesn't take up every minute of his day, so he's trying to find a coaching job. But everyone he meets only sees him as a Green Lantern.

John Stewart is also having his problems trying to live in the normal world. He's an architect and he's trying to build an office building with enough safety measures to withstand a nearby battle between the Justice League and whatever cosmic threat happened to land nearby. Now that's forward thinking! Because you know those Justice League jerks aren't going to be careful! Hell, they'll probably use your building to smash Starro over the head if they get the chance! How come in their effort to protect the populace, they always cause so much destruction?

Guy doesn't get the coaching job he wants because they can't trust that he'll be there or he won't be a danger to the kids. And John leaves his architect job because they're more concerned with saving money than with protecting the lives of the workers in their buildings. You'd think after that big fight against Darkseid in Metropolis just five years ago, these people would jump at the chance to make their buildings Super Hero Safe.

We also learn a bit about the Green Lantern Corps. There are 3600 Sectors. Each sector has 2 Green Lanterns. The sectors are pyramid shaped chunks that extend from the center of a sphere and head outwards to, I suppose, infinity. Oa is at the center of this sphere. Earth is sector 2814. Guy Gardner and John Stewart are the Green Lanterns of this sector. Except I guess Kyle still operates as a Green Lantern as well seeing that Guy mentions him later. But I haven't heard anything else about him yet in the New 52.

Back in Sector 3599, the planet Nerro, a planet full of underwater otter people, suddenly becomes a gigantic flushing toilet.

Feeling that they don't quite fit into civilian life on Earth, Guy and John head to Oa. They arrive just in time to find out about the deaths of several Green Lanterns in Sector 3599. Being that they have nothing better to do and the comic book would be boring with just a bunch of random members of the Green Lantern Corps that have no distinct personalities, John and Guy head up the mission to find out what's going on in that sector.

The Lanterns head out to Nerro and find the world absolutely dry. And thousands of dead otter people lying all over the now dry surface. Oh, and a couple of Green Lanterns as well.

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