Thursday, February 2, 2012

Detective Comics #2

Batman flies so casually. Don't bother gripping the controls or anything. It's more important to be relaxed than to be in control.

The first few pages:

Bruce Wayne negotiates a business deal with the shirtless Hugh Marder of Mecha-North Corp. That sounds like a company that is going to create giant Bat-Robots. Oliver Queen's company actually bid more money for the company but Mr. Marder wanted to appear in a comic that wasn't going to be cancelled soon.

The next few pages:

Look, lady. You're free to show your tits all you want. But you can't decide who gets to look at them when they're out there.

Bruce Wayne gets laid in his office by reporter Wendy Charlotte. She seems to want more from Bruce than she's getting but she keeps stopping herself when she gets all naggy because she knows he'll just playboy his way on over to the next hot journalist or cat burglar.

A couple pages after that:

Batman flies his Flying Batcycle over Arkham Asylum. Unless that's Wayne Manor. Or maybe it's the Gotham Ski Lodge.


Batman discusses the case with Gordon. So the Joker is no longer going to look like The Joker. I hope that sticks in this Universe! That'll be a nice change of pace and piss off a lot of Joker fanboys.

Still later:

Is this the only way people die in Gotham City?

Batman finds another corpse while on the hunt for the serial killer taking organs and cutting up people that they decided wasn't the Joker since the Joker had his face cut off as well. Even if it were on purpose. He also finds a dead police officer whose Police Radio was used to lure everyone here. The officer's head was cut off so I guess people do die differently here. Just a little differently. Still a knife kill, I guess.

Later still:

Nobody puts weird mask wearing sledgehammer wielding baby in a corner.

Batman meets up with a family straight out of a Rob Zombie movie. This is the family of the Dollmaker. I don't know what kind of dolls he makes but since even normal ones are creepy, I'm guessing I don't want any of his in my house. The Dollmaker and everyone in his family look as if they're wearing skin masks or they've had work done on their own faces so that they look like a patchwork quilt.


The Dollmaker does quick work!

Commissioner Gordon gets a make-over!

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