Saturday, February 4, 2012

Batwoman #4

Looking at this cover, I just noticed that this comic book is rated "T+" or Teen Plus. I might have to scan through the other comics I've read to see if any others have that rating. I thought they were all just rated Teen. This is what Teen Plus gets you:

And while Kate is busy doing Detective Sawyer, Flamebird is on her way to being dismembered:

I'm not sure what her powers are but her name indicates she can fly and shoot fire. She can also take a pretty mean punch from some Frankentstein hook hand monster. That monster has a hook just like the escaped mental patient in that Urban Legend whose hand ends up hanging from the door of the make-out couple! Maybe Gotham is being invaded by urban legends!

Except that Frankenstein guy doesn't really have a hook on his arm. It's more of a scythe. Which he uses to gut Flamebird.


Cameron Chase gets her hands on Flamebird and they realize this is the sidekick that has been seen with Batwoman by matching hair fibers. So Cameron dresses like a not very sexy nurse and tells her she's going to die and who should they call.

Flamebird tells them Kate Kane. Oops again! So Director Bones makes his way to Gotham to witness the unmasking of Batwoman. And Batwoman gets back to looking for La Llorona after spending half of the comic book getting laid.

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