Saturday, February 11, 2012

Batwing #3

Who wants to bet it isn't their final battle? Well, maybe their final battle together since Thunder Fall could die.

We're never getting back to the present!

During this little walk down memory lane, we learn that David and his brother Isaac were natural born killers. At least killers of armed men. They would not harm the women and children of a village and when their commanders tried to beat them for it, the two brothers beat them all. Two versus sixty or more.

What this probably means is that Massacre is Batwing's little brother. It might not mean that but why else mention this story at this point in the plot?

And then either Judd Winnick outright lied to us at the beginning of issue one or he simply forgot about the story he started to tell or he decided that nobody would remember the beginning anyway since it was written months ago and probably took the reader three minutes to read.

See that 'Today' bar I've been waiting so long to get back to? Well, it shouldn't be today, this fight by the school in the Congo. Because the first issue began with Batwing fighting Massacre beside the pyramids. So that fight beside the pyramids must have been the future! Even though at one point, Batwing says, "This is now..." and then the ellipsis finish over on the next page where he thinks, "This was then" and we get the Six Weeks Ago tag.

I know, I know! Maybe I should wait and see how it plays out! But if I don't complain now, I'll forget. And if it never plays out logically, I'll have forgotten that I was trying to pay attention to the flow of time and Judd Winnick will have won! But he won't win! HE WON'T WIN!

On the next page, Batwing think-narrates this:

So maybe the TODAY tag was wrong. Or intentionally misleading. Perhaps that today tag should have read THREE WEEKS AGO. I'm watching you, Mr. Winnick.

Batwing and Massacre have a little battle. Batwing is about to die, of course. It can never go smoothly. But then Thunder Fall saves him! Batwing leaves Massacre alive and well and not in custody at all and flies Thunder Fall to the nearest hospital.

When Batwing tries to find out if Thunder Fall knows why Massacre is killing members of The Kingdom, Thunder Fall tells him it's because Massacre knows what The Kingdom did.

And then it looks like Thunder Fall dies with the secret! And it looks like next issue is going to be another flashback! Who can tell where Batwing takes place in the new DCU Timeline!?

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