Friday, February 10, 2012

Batgirl #4

Is The Mirror called The Mirror simply because he's supposed to be a reflection of Barbara Gordon? Sort of like The Joker is a reflection of Batman? And Bizarro is a reflection of Superman? And Sinestro is a refraction of Green Lantern? That was a joke!

Because his mirror power doesn't seem to do shit. Maybe it's just because people with survivor's guilt have a tough time looking themselves in the eye?

Behold the power of Death Boomerang!

Hopefully there's something more to it and he actually has some sort of mirror power! But I doubt it.

And in the end, he doesn't. He has no mirror power. He's just a lousy reflective surface.

The cover basically says it all! Batgirl kicks out his face and makes him go crazy by projecting the news article of his family's car crash all over the mirrors in a funhouse. Where she lured him. And that's pretty much that for The Mirror!

One thing I particularly liked in this issue:

Hugo Strange has made an app to track Batman around Gotham. Good idea. Except this is Gotham! So it really needs to track Batgirl and Nightwing and Robin and Batwoman as well! And how do I know it doesn't do that?

Although Batgirl is recently just back on the scene, so the app may have buttons for the other Gotham heroes.

And then the issue ends with this Christmas Eve visit:

At least it wasn't The Joker with a gun!

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