Monday, February 27, 2012

Red Lanterns #3

I don't think the Red Lantern rings actually do anything except cause the wearer to vomit bloody acid. I guess the rings let them fly and breathe vacuum. Or breathe in a vacuum. Or make Oxygen for the wearer to breathe out of the microscopic space dust that must exist in the vacuum of space for the ring to convert into Oxygen. Or maybe Power Rings just have the ability to make something out of nothing! Oh! They probably make oxygen out of light. Or out of the power that they're juiced up with. Also, do the Red Power Rings need to be recharged in a red Power Battery? I would say yes because that one cover I liked with the ring thief showed a battery for every color.

This issue begins with the bony-winged Red Lantern whose name I can never remember being submerged in a Blood Ocean.

This will make you smarter!

Why was the Red Lantern Corps created? What purpose could it possibly serve? All they're doing is fighting amongst each other while Atrocitus moans and ponders. And Bleez drowns in blood.

While under blood, a memory returns to Bleez. Her Yellow Lantern boyfriend blowing away her mother. And then her wings taken from her because somebody (Yellow Lantern? Ranx?) thought she was too arrogant.

The scene shifts back to Earth where a storyline I've been ignoring has been half-heartedly chugging along. Some brothers' grandfather was killed and these guys are now full of rage. Or one of them is and the other one is busy with college. Unless it was the other way around. I just thought I'd ignore them until one of them becomes a Red Lantern.

Someday soon, you (or your brother) will be puking fiery blood!

The rest of the issue deals with Bleez's past. Atrocitus takes her back to her Homeworld of Havania so that she may bring retribution to the two Havanians who brought all the misery down upon her.

She spits on her mother's grave with a smile. For always trying to marry her off, her mother is to blame for bringing to her the two suitors who caused all of the trouble. These two suitors sent the Yellow Lantern to her after she rejected them callously. In Bleez's mind, she treated the suitors as gently as possible. In actuality, she was cruel and unkind.

Once she catches up to them, she beheads one and decides to let the other one live but knowing that one day, she'll be back for him. Atrocitus does not find this acceptable and kills the other suitor himself. He wants vengeance to be immediate. But Bleez suggests if he didn't want her subtleties, he should have left her like the others.

And then like a good evil genius, Atrocitus considers Bleez's actions while cuddling Red Lantern Cutie Pie.

Oh hai there, Czarnian!

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