Monday, February 27, 2012

Red Lanterns #2

First off, Kitten Red Lantern did not make an appearance in this issue so I drew some fan-art of him.

Atrocitus is hanging out on the planet Ysmault wondering where to start on his Universal Vengeance Quest.

Atrocitus: "Man. The universe is soooo biiiig! Where do I start?"
Atrocitus: "Does some pain demand greater vengeance? Srsly! Do I start by vomiting all over those Junior High School kids who stole that whiny kids BMX? Or maybe I should just go planet by planet committing Vengeacide on everyone deserving? Or maybe I should just kill the people by order of how many people they've gotten killed!"
Atrocitus: "Hmm. But then do I start with the people who actually have the blood directly on their hands or do I start with the fascists and conquerors who have other people do their dirty work for them?"

"Oh, just get on with it already."

Atrocitus speaks with his sidekick, Dead Mad Guardian Krona, about a planet called Ghan IX that was filled with rage and war and hatred and death. He visited that planet because some soldiers massacred a group of kids but missed one.

This child's scream of rage reminds Atrocitus of his own rage when his family was killed. And he begins to feel that indeed some rage is more worthy of retribution than others. He decides he will help out those voices and screams he hears that lift themselves out of the 'cacophony of rage' which comprises the entire universe.

But he also decides he needs more help than the wild, unthinking Red Lanterns of his Corps can give.

My guess is that he'll choose the bone winged girl except she's running around in New Guardians speaking Rage Speak. Maybe he'll choose da itty bitty kitty Red Lantern.

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