Monday, February 27, 2012

New Guardians #2

So a brawl breaks out in New York just like Issue #1 promised. First, the Red Lantern does this:

Is this what I have to look forward to in Milligan's Red Lanterns? Month after month of bloody vomit?

And then the Sinestro Corps Member does this to Kyle:

I bet those building contractors are wishing they'd listened to Green Lantern 2814.3 now!

And then the Star Sapphire utters complete nonsense:

So usually only vengeance in one's heart can prevent an Indigo from sneaking up on you?

So then a Blue Lantern appears and...what is going on? Where did all of these Lantern Corps come from? Time to check the DC Wikipedia which I don't normally do. But seeing as how DC doesn't seem to want to drop any of the Rainbow Corps mythology they created or negate the Blackest Night storyline, I'd better read up on this crap. Unless DC is immediately planning on retelling the whole Blackest Night storyline for the new 52 readers! Be right back!

I'm back! I give up! What a confusing mess. I'm just going to pretend there was a rainbow explosion inside the Central Green Power Battery and it rained down different colored rings upon Oa. Then those rings zipped off to find bearers filled with the correct emotions. And just like a bag of Skittles, there were more of some rings than others. That's why there are so many green and yellow rings and only one orange ring! Although if it were truly like a bag of skittles, there would be more orange ones and only one purple one.

So the Blue Lantern appears, some guy named Saint Walker. He and Kyle zip off to Oa where the Guardians get angry at Kyle for having so many rings.

I would expect the rings to line up by spectrum.

Putting all of the rings on turns Kyle into this guy:


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