Monday, February 27, 2012

Justice League Dark #2

After Zatanna immobilizes Batman, she rushes off to find a city filled with vines and glowing green bugs feeding off of humans. The Enchantress speaks to her through a car radio, blaming her for whatever the Enchantress is currently going through. Perhaps in a pre-9-11 society (that's the new 9-11, September '11, when DC flew a bunch of editors into their established storylines), Zatanna trapped Enchantress in that envelope in the barn in the barren field on the log at the bottom of the sea. But it could just be that The Enchantress is speaking crazy gibberish. The kind of crazy gibberish that doesn't cast spells, though, as opposed to Zatanna's crazy gibberish.

The woman who was in the apartment with Deadman at the end of the last issue when amnesiac June Moone came looking for him is revealed as Dawn Granger. I believe that's the name of the original Dove of Hawk and Dove.

I don't know who Joan Armatrading is.

Boston Brand (Deadman) and Dawn Granger are in one of those complicated relationships. He's incorporeal and dead. She's the living embodiment of the Lords of Order. Well, she was at one time. Maybe she's just a normal woman right now. They have a little fight because Deadman wants to fuck Dawn in the body of a stranger he just possessed and Dawn thinks that idea is icky. I'm nowhere near being a prude but I think I might side with Dawn on this one! Who knows where this guy's dick has been?

Oh, that's where it's been. Nice!

And then the action turns to John Constantine.

He's too mysterious to pinpoint!

What's great about the character of John Constantine is not that he's tough and occulty and funny and mysterious and cool but also that he's downright Goddamnned creepy when he's written well.

I'm just going to assume he has a bit of every person he's ever met in his magick case.

So he's trying to find Zatanna. Zatanna is trying to find The Enchantress. June Moone is trying to find Deadman. And Shade is trying to find everyone. Oh, and Madame Xanadu is just sitting around her crystal ball and tarot cards watching them from afar. I bet The Spectre is doing the same thing!

Once in Deadman and Dawn's apartment, June Moone explains her relationship with The Enchantress a little more and it helps with my memory of her time with the Suicide Squad. It's not that they were the same person. They were more like Jason Blood and Etrigan, fighting for control of the same body and needing the other person to give up control once they had it. Although June Moone was far less capable than Jason Blood at keeping her chaotic side in check. June Moone wants Deadman to see if The Enchantress is still somehow inside of her.

While inside June Moone, Deadman gives the getting laid thing another try.

You know, I find this far less creepy for some reason!

This is how well that works:

I think the license plate is predicting the cancellation of Hawk and Dove!

The Enchantress speaks to Dawn through a car radio as well. She blames Dove for helping to separate June Moone from her. Is this something that has already happened that is also going to happen sometime in the future? Or has this happened in a comic book series that I never read in the last ten years? Whatever is going on, it turns out Madame Xanadu finally decides to stop sitting around watching and help out.

Help out The Enchantress, that is.

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