Monday, February 27, 2012

Green Lantern #2

Art Direction for Green Lantern Aliens: "Who cares how they function? Just make 'em weird!"

Sinestro creates a new Green Lantern ring with his green lantern powers and gives it to Hal Jordan. I suppose this means Hal's ring and power will be subservient to Sinestro's. At least until Hal gets a real ring.

Does the uniform automatically appear when the ring is worn?

Even Sinestro doesn't know how many times Hal Jordan has screwed up. It's hard to imagine that things could have been worse if Abin Sur's ring had picked Guy Gardner in the first place. Sure, he had rage issues. But I think most of those stemmed from the fact that he was passed up by the ring on a distance technicality! It's also hard to imagine what Hal Jordan's life has been like in the past five years since the Justice League formed. I can't wait to see how many of these DC heroes have died and been reborn in the last five comic book years before the New 52 started!

Once Hal gets the ring, he immediately attacks Sinestro with it because he's too dumb to live. Does he really think Sinestro would hand him a loaded gun? You know, metaphorically speaking. It's like Hal doesn't even know how the power ring works! Which may actually be an accurate statement. He does sort of use it in silly ways. Like making a triple flail to attack Darkseid. Or flying from Gotham to Metropolis in a giant green jet instead of something inconspicuous. But the ring fails to hurt Sinestro.

Why does Sinestro need this blockhead's help?

After Hal Jordan learns the limits of the ring, he ditches Sinestro to help some people on a collapsing bridge. Hal saves a woman but is, as always, arrogant and cocky. So Sinestro turns off his ring and shows him how to really save people on a collapsing bridge by fixing the entire bridge. He doesn't make a giant pterodactyl to hold it up or create a giant rubber bouncy house for the people below to land on. He doesn't create an assload of giant monkeys to catch everyone as they fall. He just fixes the stupid bridge. You know, Sinestro always was better at using the ring!

Somebody has been listening to the Art Direction! Good job, chaps!

And then this thing attacks them! But it only uses its natural tentacles and multi-faceted mouth face. It has a yellow ring but I guess it forgot how to use it. Sinestro kills it quickly and destroys its yellow ring. He then lets Jordan know why he's given Jordan a ring:

But why choose Hal Jordan for help? He's dumber than 1/2 a dog, remember?

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