Monday, February 27, 2012

Birds of Prey #2

Yes! Shoot the new recruit in the face, Starling!

This Issue starts off with Katana slaying a bunch of assassins that have come after her for some reason. Also, she's talking to her husband's soul in her sword! Yay! This makes me very happy.

Her slaying technique is boring.

Back at the airport, Dinah and Ev (Black Canary and Starling) steal pieces of the exploded journalist and escape the scene before the TSA can get their fat hands on them for questioning.

Here they are leaving the scene. I mean, here Starling is leaving the scene without Black Canary. Except that KRESSSSHHH happens and on the next page:

There's so much wrong with this scene. I'm fairly certain that Dinah is supposed to be in the little airport tram car in that first panel. Because they're leaving the scene of the explosions chaos. See the people calmly walking around because they must be far enough away to not have noticed? So Ev isn't driving toward Dinah who has just picked up the journalist's broken phone one second prior to Ev taking off in the tram. Plus, the stealthy guy says Lance and Crawford are leaving the scene.

Also, you can run a whole lot faster than those stupid airport cars. See the one TSA guy keeping up with the rest of them by jogging behind? Maybe that's why Dinah isn't in the car. She traipsed along ahead of Ev and decided to hop in just before they drive through a plate glass window! Nice one!

Also, the art is very disappointing. It almost looks as if Jesus Saiz could draw but he's not taking any time to do so. Very boring and flat panels. Look how angry those TSA guys are! Or not. And Katana's pose when she's slicing assassins. She's just standing their bored! A comic book full of hot women, you'd think David Finch would have jumped at the chance to draw this one!

A few days later, Black Canary and Starling meet up with Katana and nobody gets shot in the face like the cover suggests. How come every time a hero meets up with another hero in an issue of a comic book, the cover has to suggest that they have a big brouhaha? Stupid liars!

Nice line, Tatsu!

The three Birds do some research and find out the journalist had explosives in his brain (yes, yes) and also another chemical. This one turns out to be an experimental stroke medication that reacts to certain words or phrases (yes, yes, the trigger). And it just happens 4 out 5 of the warehouses in Gotham have had the drug stolen! So they go to the 5th location and find more invisible people!

Why does she even bother using a gun?

Katana slaughters a bunch of the stealth guys while Canary takes out the rest with her Sonic Scream and Starling shoots the wall a bunch of times. Actually, Starling takes one hostage so they have somebody to question to keep the plot moving next issue. And then Poison Ivy appears because Canary asked her to join for some reason. Maybe Poison Ivy is turning over a new leaf! Ah ha ha ha! I wonder how many times that joke has been used in comics featuring Poison Ivy? I'm actually very sorry I typed it. And then didn't delete it. And then hit the Create Post button with it still there.

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