Thursday, December 24, 2015

Dark Knight Universe Presents: Wonder Woman #1

Does Wonder Woman have a fanny pack to go with those bicycle shorts?

This is another tiny comic book inside of DK III: The Master Race. It's not as tiny as The Atom comic book so it's not as cute. Also it's bright red and Wonder Woman seems to be threatening me with her lasso so I'm a little bit scared of it. At least this commentary will be (bicycle) short(s).

This tiny comic book is meant to show that Lara Kent is rebellious enough to side with the Kandorians in the up and coming race war. She identifies with her father and his people more than her mother and the mortal Amazons. Plus she's simply a teenager who thinks she knows better than everybody around her. I know teenagers scoff when they're told they don't know as much as they think they know and they should. It's what they all do no matter how unique or intelligent they think they are. Adults simply have to accept it and constantly be exhausted by it because we know, having already lived through it, that eventually they'll look back on how arrogant they were and simply shake their head. Wonder Woman does a decent job of explaining the phenomenon in this comic book but it's still not something that can easily be explained to a person in the throes of teenagedom. It's not that as an adult you suddenly know everything. It's just that as an adult, you eventually reach a place where you don't know everything and so your opinions (that seemed so crystal clear and correct and obvious when you were a teenager) are softened and you allow yourself the capacity to doubt yourself.

No wait. I've completely mucked up the previous paragraph because I know plenty of adults who are complete and utter asshats who think they're the brightest fucking star in the sky. It's not about age at all. It's simply about maturity. Some teenagers ((imagine five thousand "very"s here) few) have the maturity that some adults (way more than it should be) lack. Age doesn't matter. People are arrogant assholes all across the spectrum. Just look at the bright side, teenagers. Your lack of maturity and arrogance is a price you pay for being inexperienced. You have the potential to look at your flaws and change. Most adults who maintain their lack of maturity well into adulthood have seemingly lost this ability, entrenched in old fashioned ideas like dinosaurs sinking in a tar pit of bitterness and anger.

I'm lucky that I actually am as smart and always correct as I think I am!

Dark Knight Universe Presents: Wonder Woman #1 Rating: It was a free comic book! Just fucking enjoy it. I mean, technically it wasn't free because you had to pay six dollars for the comic book that it was inside of. But just let the illusion of its freeness embrace you and stop being such a stickler! Jesus. Look at me! Asking the internet to stop being such a stickler! Who am I? Sisyphus?!

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