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Justice League Europe #50 (May 1993)

This cover got clowns thinking Sonar's as powerful as Galactus.

You'd think the final battle against Sonar would last about five pages but this thick monster is a hefty 50 pages. That probably includes advertisements because comic book publishers will tell any rank lie to increase the cover price of their comic book. Like "50 pages!" or "New Baxter paper!" or "Superman dies forever!" Like a cheap bastard, I just counted the pages and it turns out this comic book is 54 pages, not including adverts. So that's like 8% more comic book than I expected! I don't know if I can handle this.

Guessing that this milestone double-sized issue might very well be a lot of people's introduction to the comic book, Sonar gives a synopsis of how he's practically defeated the entire eastern world so far. I'd scan the pages but I don't think Blogger would take too kindly of a double-page spread of Sonar sucking his own dick.

Sure, Sonar triumphed over Russia and the Rocket Reds and Justice League Europe and the Justice League Reserves and the Justice Society. But his greatest accomplishment was getting Sue Dibny to lie to his face about how much she loves him.

Dude, fuck your voice analyzers. If you haven't busted a nut in her yet, she's manipulating you!

I guess this is one of those flaws of hubris that so many literary characters suffer from. He's so up his own ass that he doesn't realize Sue's playing him. Although I do admire when he just spills all the tea on himself with a frustrated "I don't know what women want!" If Sue did bang him to gain his trust, she definitely didn't enjoy it. You know Sonar hasn't even bothered making a sonic vibrator.

Hal Jordan and Power Girl have taken refuge in the old Soviet party headquarters where Power Girl, turned on by Hal's amnesia, tries to kiss him. But before he can ask, "Am I straight?", the wall blows inward and they're knocked to the ground. If this were a cartoon, Hal would instantly have gotten his memory back from the concussive blast. But sadly, this is reality.

No wait. Yep, that's right. Just remembered. Comics are closer to cartoons.

Green Lantern doesn't actually remember who he is from a reverse knock on the head. He just decides to believe Power Girl and be Green Lantern. He's really bad at being Green Lantern though and Sonar nearly kills him. But Power Girl knocks the entire building down around them to keep Sonar from knocking the entire building down around them but in a dangerous way. Power Girl's way is also dangerous but it gives her time to jump on top of Green Lantern and remind him how to have sex.

I wonder what he's concentrating on?! I can't wait to find out some day!

If you were terrible at sex and then got amnesia, do you think you could maybe wind up being good at sex because you forgot all of the stuff that made you so bad at it, like how picturing some naked boobies makes your baby goo rocket immediately out of your man piston? If you forgot about all the things that made you a one pump chump, maybe you could get off two or three pumps before you remembered how awesome all that stuff was!

Green Lantern makes a protective bubble around him and Power Girl so that Sonar can hover outside it making innuendos. Is "If I just keep pounding and pounding" an innuendo? Or is that just right there on front street sex talk?

Inside the bubble, Power Girl decides to take another shot at getting Hal's business all up inside her business.

Here's hoping Green Lantern remembers where his penis goes.

While the super sex happens, Justice League America arrives in Russia. The first enemies they encounter are the Global Guardians. They've defeated them about eighteen times already so this should be a piece of cake, especially since Crimson Fox has promised to suck off the Olympian if he fights against his team. And then there's the double splash page that I can't scan because my scanner is too small. If you could see it, you'd think, "They're fighting way more than the Global Guardians, you idiot." And, yes, that's true! They're fighting all of the enemies revealed at the end of the last issue. But it's not like adding Copperhead, Baron Bedlam, the Injustice Society, and the Royal Flush Gang add much more power on top of the Global Guardians. And with Sonar leading them all? Truly, it's a cavalcade of C-list characters.

I've been reading comic books for way too long and/or been way too horny for far too long.

My first thought was, "Oh my! Whose ass is this?!"

Luckily before I pulled out my dick, I realized it was Multi-man's head.

Crimson Fox wades into the battle bottomless and I've never loved a hero more. Move aside, Lobo! Crimson Fox's butthole has my heart now!

While the battle to save a small and insignificant part of the world rages on, Elongated Man pouts his way to the airport to fly back to the United States. He truly believes Sue has left him for Sonar and even though we all know it's not true (we meaning everybody except Ralph and Sonar), he really should get packing. Sue's way too good for Ralph! But in the end, Sue passes along some clue that makes him realize she's just pretending to fuck Sonar. Ralph Dibny realizing he doesn't have to walk away from his marriage with Sue is the most disappointing thing I've ever read in a comic book since that time Crimson Fox didn't actually show her butthole in battle and I had to lie about it to actually feel something.

The Olympian, also desperate for a crack at that butthole, turns on his comrades and begins fighting on the side of the Justice League. And then Godiva switches sides! I guess she got a whiff of that fox sphincter too! Crimson Fox bottomless in battle might be the most powerful character in the DC Universe! Her pheromones are just flying free all over the battle field! Man, I wish this were a Scratch-n-Sniff issue.

While Justice League Europe could barely handle Sonar and a handful of Rocket Reds, Justice League America swoops in and takes out Eurocrime, the Global Guardians, the Royal Flush Gang, the Injustice League, and Copperhead. Although I'm not sure why the Injustice League are battling the Justice League yet again. I guess they were dropped from the payroll when Superman took over and they had to take this job to make rent.

With fight nearly over, and the Justice League triumphant, Baron Bedlam runs off to tell Plan B to cause a huge disaster. Plan B is Major Disaster. He creates a huge lightning strike from the sky which somehow covers for everybody escaping in an instant? I don't know how that works but that's okay because this is a comic book with its own mysterious laws of the universe. The only combatants who don't escape are the Global Guardians. They've sniffed so much Crimson Fox butthole that they've effectively switched sides.

Oh yeah, Little Mermaid somehow isn't dead either. She explains that it was her evil twin that was killed. Okay, comic books. That's enough dumb bullshit what with the lightning teleport and the evil twin explanation. What's next? Nightwing driving a motorcycle straight up the side of a skyscraper? Ha ha! Can you imagine?! Well you don't have to! Just read Batman and Robin Eternal #1!

The Flash suggests Crimson Fox should fight naked more often and it's only then that she realizes she's exposed her face to everybody. Half of them recognize her as the president of Revson Cosmetics and she's all, "What? No! Zut alors! I am ze different person!" But nobody buys it even though they know Constance D'aramis can speak fluent English.

While things go poorly for Sonar's allies, he seems to be doing just fine against some really powerful heroes.

No heartbeats? Welp, they must be dead! Can't figure out how this could be a trick at all.

Sonar is really trusting. First he believes Sue will actually touch his dick. And now he believes he, a C-list nobody with the power to eavesdrop on people at great distances, has killed Green Lantern and Power Girl. This guy really is fucking delusional.

Back in Moscow, Mister Miracle escapes because that's what he does. And since what he does is basically a magic trick, it would be wrong for the comic book to explain how he does it. He also frees Aquaman who couldn't break out of his manacles for some reason. I guess Gerard Jones forgot that Aquaman has a few more positive qualities besides talking to fish and sexually satisfying dolphins, like super strength and invulnerability from living in the high pressures under the ocean. He was probably just waiting for the right time to escape when Mister Miracle wandered in and was all, "I can free you easy!" Then Scott pulled a ring of keys out of his asshole and unlocked Aquaman's chains. Whoops! I spoiled the trick! I guess I'll never be asked to join the Magic Castle

The Justice League arrive in Moscow too late to stop the rest Sonar from brainwashing the Justice Society and the Justice League Reserves. So it's the second big brawl of the comic. What a special 50th Issue!

Alan Scott transports his friends in a massive yoni.

I would expect Atom to match up with Wonder Woman but instead she battles Tasmanian Devil. That's probably to give him some cred since he's totally underappreciated. He should be way more popular though since he's basically an Australian werewolf. Atom battles Thunderlord. Bushmaster and Impala battle Jay Garrick. Fire battles Metamorpho. Guy Gardner battles Alan Scott. Booster Gold battles Doctor Mid-Nite. Agent Liberty battles General Glory. Wildcat battles Maxima. And The Huntress whangs crossbow bolts at random. But truly, there's only one battle that I'm interested in.

This may surprise you but I've never had the opportunity to fight a woman wearing no bottoms before.

Chandi Gupta witnesses all of the non-brainwashed heroes getting their asses handed to them (some without any clothes on) and she grows increasingly ashamed at merely watching the spectacle. Why the Justice League brought along a thirteen year old girl to what amounts to a small international war I can't guess. She could have remained in the castle with the living suit of armor and the cat, couldn't she? Just because she can create a bow out of thin air doesn't mean she should be put in harm's way? Does everybody live by the Batman code? "If there's grass on the playing field, they're old enough to get crowbarred in the head by The Joker?" "Batman's Code" is probably less crude and more general but I think you get what I'm saying.

Anyway, Chandi turns into Maya and saves the fucking day.

Please, Wonder Woman. You got lucky. It could just as easily become a "You rode a 13-year-old girl straight to her grave. And the rest of us, straight to Hell" situation.

Sonar arrives with reinforcements but since those reinforcements are the Injustice League, Baron Bedlam, the Royal Flush Gang, Eurocrime, and a handful of Rocket Reds in old Soviet armor, he's quickly knocked on his ass by The Flash as Guy Gardner's power ring de-brainwashes everybody. Guy didn't think to do that himself. That was an Aquaman plan.

Green Lantern, Power Girl, and Doctor Light show up to act like they're the big saviors but the fight is practically over by then. Green Lantern gives a big speech about how they fooled Sonar into thinking they were dead and I realize there's something to be said for the mystery of Mister Miracle's escapes, the dignity of just performing your tricks and getting on with your life. Hal just stands around bragging giving Sonar time to reveal he's about to trigger a bunch of old Soviet nuclear missiles with a simple sound.

"No" seems like an awfully unsafe trigger word for launching nuclear missiles.

Oh wait. The "No!!" isn't the trigger word; it's his reaction to discovering Sue sabotaged his trigger mechanism. Sue and Ralph arrive just in time to explain that to Sonar and the readers. Then Ralph explains how Sue clued him in that she wasn't really in love with Sonar. Once again, I'm wishing everybody had the dignity of Mister Miracle. Ralph, being the worst character in the group, gets to give Sonar his knockout punch by amplifying the resonance of Sonar's attack and using it to fuel the right hook. And that's the end because everybody else gives up once they've been brain-re-washed and threatened by Tasmanian Devil.

Now can somebody please get this lady some pants?

If I were Metamorpho, I would just turn into some slacks and slap myself on Crimson Fox's lower half. I'm pretty sure he's got her consent since they've been fucking and all.

The team flies back home to London in a Modoran sonic jet, given to them freely by the thankful Modoran people. Power Girl excitedly sweeps up her cat in her arms (still not named, I guess? Maybe it was named in a Justice League Quarterly that I'm avoiding reading) and Crimson Fox, after hours of travel, still doesn't have any pants. What the fuck is wrong with these people? There are three fucking Green Lanterns in the group that could at least make her some green or yellow slacks.

The issue ends with Aquaman resigning (I think his limited telepathy allowed him to read Power Girl's mind and find she has moved on to Hal Jordan. But that's just my theory!), the suit of armor having disappeared, three new heroes joining (Metamorpho, Tasmanian Devil, and Maya), and Crimson Fox finally getting some pants. As well as a whole new suit, actually. It's a lot like the old suit but with her real hair hanging out of the head piece instead of a gigantic fox tail. Oh, and they're also given the go-ahead to be a wider ranger group. No longer will they be Justice League Europe! They're back to Justice League International!

Justice League Europe #50 Rating: B. These extra length books are always a bit too long for me (which is why I'm avoiding all of my Justice League Quarterly issues) although this one never felt like it was padding the extra pages. It actually felt like it packed too much in and had to shorten bits. The two fight scenes barely touched on the battle having so many combatants. Most of it was relegated to a few background brawl shots. Anybody who read all the words I wrote already knows my favorite part: Crimson Fox running around half-naked in the Russian snow. It was just so fucking ridiculous and, somehow, adorable. Plus Kara being reunited with her cat was slightly emotional. That might be because today marks the fifth year since the death of my sweet little Pelafina (which means ten years since I lost the love of my life, my precious little Judas kitty).

Pelafina is the precious little black thing being hugged by Moose with Toast joining in. This was many, many years ago (over 20?!) when she was staying with our neighbors while we traveled out of state (Judas got to go on the road trip, being her older brother/mother).

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