Thursday, November 29, 2012

DC Universe Presents #14: Black Lightning & Blue Devil

I didn't remember Nebiros so I read his Wikipedia page. That might be the most poorly written Wikiepedia page I've ever read! It ends with "He has a sense of honor, which is his only known weakness." I read it as he has a sense of humor which is his only known weakness. I think that would be more interesting.

Last issue, Blue Devil and Black Lightning inexplicably ended up in the same title together in some kind of Brave and the Bold team-up. Obviously this idea was hatched by some super imaginative editor that couldn't resist creating a team they could dub "Black & Blue." I like both of these characters and I was in a good mood, so I think I liked it. But brain chemistry being what it is, I could have been deluded. I'm looking at the cover of this one and wondering why I was so intrigued by it last time!

At the end of the last issue, both heroes were watching someone close to them die or about to die because the Great White Whale, Drowned J. Jonah Jameson, put a hit on the heroes. Or maybe that's only why Blue Devil's grandfather died in the crossfire. I think Black Lightning's dad was just getting attacked because he's butting his nose into something that isn't any of his nose's business.

Blue Devil immediately gets about his nose's business of vengeance.

Looks like that trident is a little more than a simple movie prop.

Before Blue Devil's grandfather died, he told Daniel (Blue Devil!) that the suit was more than a movie special effect. But now that his grandfather is dead, Daniel will have to learn about the suit on his own. It looks like whatever it just did to this thug's soul is a clue!

Blue Devil chases after a different thug while spouting B Movie cliches. For once, a super hero spouting bad dialogue has a character driven reason! Blue Devil is just regurgitating movie lines from his roles while a stunt man in shitty movies. Unless the demon that seems to be possessing him just has a shitty imagination. Blue Devil learns from this thug that Tobias Whale is the man behind the attack.

Meanwhile, Black Lightning finally remembers that he has a secret identity to protect as he's saving his dad.

Too bad he already screamed out "DAD!" while dropping to the street. Good thing Blue Devil sucks out there souls a page later.

Blue Devil and Black Lightning randomly meet up once again just as Blue Devil learns that Tobias Whale put a hit out on both of them. Los Angeles really is a small town. Black Lightning's dad gives them all a ride home and that's the end of that exciting night.

At Dan Cassidy's grandfather's funeral three days later, Dan runs into Jefferson Pierce (Black Lightning!). They went to the same high school and played football together. And Dan Cassidy realized that Jefferson Pierce was Black Lightning when they met a few days ago. Because he's as good a detective as Tim Drake! No, it's because they spent so much time in a locker room together. You really get to know a guy when you casually talk about banging high school chicks while your dicks are hanging out. I should know! Although I never played high school football.

Why is this comic book suddenly reminding me of Firestorm?

Meanwhile, the only one of Tobias Whale's thugs to survive the encounter with Blue Devil returns, although not of his own accord. To try to save himself from the wrath of Whale because he failed his mission and ran, he gives Whale the Demon's Cup prop he stole from Grandpa Liam's movie studio. Turns out, like Blue Devil's suit, it's more than just a prop. When Whale shoves it down he thugs throat, the cup mixes with blood and activates.

"I am Nebiros! My only weakness is Knock Knock Jokes!"

Back at Graveyard Studios, Jefferson Pierce actually meets with Dan Cassidy to discuss naming their new team. Blue & Black? Devil & Lightning? DELIGHTNING! There is also some foreshadowing in a movie poster for the version of Nebiros that I've created!

See? The Killing Joke! They're going to kill him with laughter!

Cassidy's grandfather left him a note along with the entire movie studio. Cassidy reads the note to Pierce and it all makes awesome sense.

I love this explanation!

Now the responsibility falls on Blue Devil to keep the world safe from his movie studio full of mystic Macguffins! Once Cassidy and Pierce realize all the crap around them is magic, they turn their attention to Cassidy's Blue Devil suit. Cassidy always thought the suit was made with fiber optics but Pierce takes one look at it and realizes it's simply skin with veins and nerve endings running through it. Cassidy has been wearing the skin of a demon that fuses to his body! Gross!

Blue Devil suggests that he and Black Lightning team up. What a surprise! I'm guessing they'll come to some sort of agreement since the story isn't quite over. And they still have to stop Whale, so they might as well work together.

Back in his office, Whale is striking up a deal of his own. He'll bring Blue Devil to Nebiros (who seems to hate him for some reason) and Nebiros will provide Tobias with powerful power or something. You know. Standard deal with a devil.

DC Universe Presents #14 Rating: +1 Ranking. The story is well told and I like the movie studio that humiliates evil relics to keep the world safe twist. Now I'm beginning to suspect Death Bed was a true story!


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. Your right, that whole "let's turn real magic relics into hilarious props, thus cheaping the power of these items" idea is pretty original, and is probably one of the best ideas out of a shit-load of horrible ones that make up the NU52.

    Maybe there's hope for these guys yet:)