Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Flash #12

Does she slow him with her super power power or her super hot body power?

This issue begins with Glider breaking Captain Cold and Heatwave out of the armored vehicle taking them to jail. Since she gathered up Weather Wizard a few issues ago, it looks like Glider is getting the old team together for the New 52. And since the Flash Annual mentions The Rogue's right there on the cover, I'm about 60% positive that's what she's doing. One of the Rogue's on the cover of the Annual is the guy who spins around like a moron that The Flash rescued from inside the Speed Force. That guy is hilarious!

After reading the first page, it looks like Glider actually just wanted to break out Heatwave. She leaves her Brother strapped into the vehicle as it crashes through a barricade and plummets over the edge of a highway off-ramp. Sisters! Weather Wizard sweeps Heatwave into his car as he passes by the accident as Glider flies off to deal with another part of the plan. Captain Cold is saved at the last second.

I looked up the Pied Piper in my Who's Who from 1991 and was surprised to find that he was openly gay even back then. It seems he came out after reforming sometime after Crisis on Infinite Earths. So he was out of the closet sometime between 1985 and 1991. Very nice. Although I still think it's a bit weird to make the guy that plays flutes gay.

So The Pied Piper takes leaves Cold hanging. But Captain Cold isn't up there for long. Another member of the Rogue's Gallery happens along to help him out.

I don't know what Leonard did piss off his sister and Heatwave but I'm guessing it'll all come out in the Annual. Unless it's Pre-New 52 history! I wouldn't put that past DC.

The Rogue's Minus Captain Cold plan on getting even with Dr. Elias for doing something. Have I not been paying proper attention to this comic book? Glider puts a piece of shrapnel inside Elias which causes him to collapse in The Flash's arms in front of a bunch of reporters at a press conference. Elias was reporting on his new Green Monorail system which Heatwave and Weather Wizard are busy sabotaging. They send it off the rail and through one of Mirror Master's portals in the side of a building. I guess that was their plan? Steal a monorail?

Oh! I guess there was a little more to it!

The only thing left to do is escape through Mirror Master's portal. The Rogue's jump toward it and then smash their faces on a wall of ice. Don't fuck with Captain Cold, bitches!

I have to like this guy since he's the only super character I've ever cosplayed. As an adult, anyway!

The Flash #12 Rating: No change. This issue was fun but it just seemed all prologue for the Annual! I'd read that immediately just because they tie in but I only have two more comic books left of the regular New 52 before I'm all caught up (not counting Batman Incorporated #3 which my comic book store hasn't sold me yet! Jerks!).

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