Tuesday, March 31, 2015

World's End #25

I guess poor Jay Gimmick lost the seat next to his mom on the escape ship. Enh, the gigantic moray eel probably deserved it more.

I just looked at the list of comics coming out tomorrow and all the weekly comic books still have an issue arriving. Hopefully it's the last issue for all of them! Makes sense, right? Fifty-two issues of Batman Eternal because that's the magic DC number. Twenty-six issues of World's End because that's one-half of DC's magic number. And forty-eight issues of Futures End because fuck you.

At least Futures End #47 has renewed my interest in the finale of World's End since Harvest Tim Drake changed time and saved...well, he saved something. I think maybe he only saved himself. He actually killed everybody in the world he came from because that world no longer exists. What a selfish asshole. But he did make it so that Brother Eye no longer exists. That's a good thing! And he forced all the Twofers to go find their own planet on Earth-14 or Earth-24 or Earth-25 or Earth-27 or Earth-28 or Earth-46 or Earth-49! I bet whatever Earth they land on, Child Services is going to immediately make a call to Dick Grayson.

This issue is called "Grounded" even though I thought it was going to be called "Hope." Am I remembering that wrong? Oh, I am! Last issue was called "Hope" and ended with "Next: Power!" But this issue isn't called "Power." But that makes sense because the issue previous to the issue called "Hope" said "Next: Light!" So what have we learned here? Fuck you!

Kalibak using semaphore to command the Protofuries.

Hawkcop remains outside the escape ships to guard their retreat. She's also managed to convince The Streak Starring Jay Gimmick to remain behind. Even Aquawoman and her monstrous moray eel (not a dick innuendo because that would make a penis sound more terrifying than it actually is. I think) refused to take a seat on one of the ships. Jonni Loves Chachi Thunder is also helping with the defense for reasons that probably would have taken too many pages to explain. Another thing that would have taken too long to explain?

How did Dick wind up in a fighter ship with Replacement Batman?

Once again, Dick Grayson ditches his kid so that he can go on thrilling adventures. I totally get it. Fucking kids ruin everything. This is my life and I only get so many years to live it! Why the fuck do I want to spend a good third or more of it concentrating on somebody else's life? Fuck that bullshit! If humans were reptiles, I would have had kids. Lay some eggs in a neighbor's yard and forget about them.

It's possible Notwing and Replacement Batman blow up on the next page. At least that would end the fucking plot where Dick keeps giving away his kid and then going out of his mind trying to find him again.

Meanwhile on Apokolips, Power Girl takes an Omega Beam straight to the face and remains extant. No wonder last issue ended with "Next: Power!" because that's powerful! She punches Darkseid's Omega Beams back at him and she and Darkseid tumble off of Apokolips and fall to Earth.

Oh stop it, Val-el. You broke that pledge yesterday and the day before and last week and this morning and a few minutes ago.

Now that Darkseid is on the surface of Earth, the rest of Earth-2's wonders come up to attack him. I guess the threat in Atom Shaven was taken care of? The only ship that mattered made it out although it nearly crashed back down on Earth. Val-el set it down gently with Huntress and Red Arrow inside of it with the Codex that will terraform whatever Earth the survivors wind up on into another version of Earth-2. But I guess the Codex isn't as important as kicking Darkseid's ass because Huntress and Soon-to-be-dead Arrow have left it behind to join in the battle against Darkseid. Also joining the battle? Replacement Batman! I guess his ship blew up in much the same way Cobra's ships used to blow up in the GI Joe cartoon.

Back in space nearby the Earth-Apokolips Amalgamation, Queen Lantern figures out the secret to saving everybody (thanks to Mister Terrific stealing Mister Miracle's feet disc technology which he'll probably illegally patent as his own as soon as they get to whatever Earth they manage to escape to).

The Multiverse awaits!

But first Alan Scott has to defeat Darkseid all by himself. He arrives on Earth to find Darkseid teabagging all of the other wonders whom he's just defeated. I was going to leave it at that but I can't not post a picture of Darkseid's teabag style, right?

Classic teabag. Note the bent legs as he drops his balls down on Val-el's face? And the enthusiastic taunting? Right before Alan Scott arrived, he probably called them all garbage.

The worst part about this final page is my new favorite character, Humongous Moray Eel, lying dead in the background. Hopefully she's just as unconscious as the rest of the wonders.

World's End #25 Rating: No change. I'm tempted to give it a positive rating simply because of the announcement that next issue is the end! This issue, just like last issue, was much better in many ways. It benefits from having the plot concentrating on just getting to the end of the story. It's more cohesive and characters aren't just running about on tangential plots that you know are never going to resolve or matter. Although it also suffers because it's near the end and some short cuts needed to be made to get everybody on the same page. I'm going to buy myself a full sized cake topped with a whole pack of Oreos for next week and then eat the entire thing in celebration after reading next issue! I deserve it!

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