Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Teen Titans #5

Is the New Power Girl going to be the New Superboy?

Last issue, Red Robin made a deal with Manchester Black that probably involved oral sex. No way those two aren't fucking each other's faces. I bet they even sing Les Mis during foreplay.

Manchester Black: "Red! The dick I want to suck!"
Red Robin: "Black! The cock inside my butt!"
Manchester Black: "Red! The young and tasty jizz!"
Red Robin: "Black! Jerk mine while I jerk his!"

I just realized while singing that song in my head how fucking lazy the writer of "Do Re Mi" was. "La, a note to follow so"? Seriously? That's the kind of shit writing that I usually resort to! Not that I know how I'd describe "la" myself. "La! A Spanish article!" "La! The first half of lamé!" "La! 'L' followed by an 'A'!"

So now the Teen Titans are working with STAR Labs' resident bad boys, Manchester Black and his friend whose name I can't remember. It seems like Manchester Black has conned Red Robin but since Red Robin is the smartest kid in the DC Universe, I bet he wants Manchester Black to think this team-up was Black's idea when really Red Robin set it up so that he could have access to all of STAR Labs' technology! They have all sorts of great weapons and time travel devices that will be useful once Red Robin becomes a vampire and takes on the name Harvest.

First off, I already like the comic book better with Scott Hepburn drawing it. I might be in the minority but fuck Kenneth Rocafort and his Rock and Roll Art Style! I like my Teen Titans to look cartoony and goofy because then maybe they'll be written cartoony and goofy and then maybe I can enjoy the comic more! Enough with all that fucking teen angst bullshit! Stupid teenagers and their stupid teenage angst. Get with the program and conform already! I've had it up to here with your little rebellions! Nobody fucking cares! You're just being annoying, not avant garde! You're not pushing any limits or buttons or breaking new ground! The only people who are disturbed by your behavior are assholes that none of us other adults like anyway!

I know, I know! It's not fair for me to ask you to not be angsty. What else is there to do at your age with out of control hormones and a ton of free time? Plus, it's lots of fun! Get away with being a total selfish dick for as long as you can because as soon as you're in your twenties, people will stop excusing your behavior as growing pains and start thinking you're just a fucking asshole. Also, if you go to college, you can extend that shit for a good four to six more years. But not community college. If you're in community college and you're still acting like you did in high school, you're the worst prick of them all. Nobody's buying your "full time student" act!

I should clear up one more thing (it seems like every time I express an opinion, I've go to try to preemptively put out fires started by my poorly thought out comments): I'm not against community college. It's a good place to go if you're worried about spending too much on four years at a University. But realize you're going to be in classes with a lot of people that don't fucking care about academics and are just using the school as an excuse to live rent free with their parents for a few more years. People know the serious students at a community college and the fucking layabouts (also: nothing wrong with layabouts! Love those guys!), so don't think I'm calling out everybody in a community college!

Oh no! Not teens doing drugs! *FAINT*

My favorite teen angst song, probably because I was fifteen when I first heard it and it has the lyric "I thought that fifteen was gonna be a breeze," was Teenage Lament '74 by Alice Cooper. I prefer angst songs that aren't full of rage and anger but are more about being lost in an existential miasma created by a world the teenage barely has a foothold in. So Cooper's "I'm Eighteen" works for me as well.

See? Tim Drake is a smart cookie!

Kris, the girl with the drugs, falls off of a building and is saved by Wonder Girl. But Kris isn't grateful because she's a super villain! She's become the Johnny Storm of her own little evil Fantastic Four. And now they've got a chance to beat the crap out of Wonder Girl because...well, their motivation is a little bit lacking. I guess just for shits and giggles? Wonder Girl decides she should probably call for help.

I was willing to chalk it up to a mistake by the artist the first time, but it really looks like Wonder Girl knows Red Robin's identity now. I guess Cassie and Tim did hang out in the first few issues of the first run of Teen Titans. But in those early days, Tim also made reference to a group of Teen Titans that existed before the first New 52 Teen Titans. So I should probably completely forget Lobdell's run anyway. I'm sure, at the very least, my mind would be at ease after jettisoning that crap.

Should Wonder Girl really have Tim Drake's contact information on her phone? Red Robin is so careful with his identity since it can easily be traced back to Bruce Wayne and a simple matter of deduction to realize Batman's secret identity. Although when Nightwing was exposed as Dick Grayson, only the world's smartest man made the connection. So I guess it's okay if somebody were to get hold of Wonder Girl's phone. They'd never realize all of her contacts are her fellow Teen Titans, right?

So the Fantabulous Four seem to want to kill Wonder Girl because they're sick of her and the Teen Titans being all over their social media feeds. That makes sense. I've killed for less. I mean, I've thought about killing for less.

While the Teen Titans battle the Fantabulous Four, Manchester Black and his buddy, Josiah Power (oh yeah! That was his name! He's definitely gay!), watch the battle via STAR Labs city surveillance systems. And Beast Boy watches them over tiny mousy eyes surveillance systems.

Hunh. Who knew mind bricks could conduct electricity?

The Fantabulous Four take more drugs but they somehow retain the same super powers as before even though Kris told them each time was random. I suppose if you like the power you have, you can just keep piling on the drug and you'll maintain the current power? That's cool, I guess. But what if you get a shitty power like Bouncing Boy? You have to wait until you come down off the drug to try again?

Purple Thing throw a trash truck at Cassie's mom who is saved by one of the Wonder Girl Wannabes. She's crushed by the truck but survives because she's actually Power Girl! Oh! She's rich and has access to all of Karen Starr's old labs and technology, right? She can back the Titans so they don't need to make a deal with Manchester Black. Of course, the Titans will still make the deal with Manchester and that will all blow up in their faces and lots of drama will take place. And then when the dust clears, Power Girl will say, "Oh? You guys need a headquarters? Why didn't you say so! I'm fucking rich, bitches!"

Teen Titans #5 Rating: No change. I don't know that a whole lot happened this issue. I guess they decided to work with STAR Labs and Power Girl has almost joined the team. That's about it! Plus, we learned that Beast Boy can't lay eggs. Even if he decides to become a chicken instead of a rooster? He can change into different animals but he can't change the sexual equipment? I guess there go my plans to fuck him when he's a female panda!

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