Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wonder Woman #24

Yay! Goddess of War in the house!

This issue begins with The First Born shackled before the Throne of Olympus. Apollo decides it's an appropriate time for a pun while a bunch of his brothers and sisters sit around enjoying the spectacle. Or maybe they're there to judge The First Born. Or maybe they're pouting because there weren't invited to Hades for War's funeral. Or maybe I should just keep reading so I can find out what the fuck is going on.

Aphrodite is here but she's too beautiful and naked to be seen by our eyes.

I still don't know what's going on! Who is missing? War? Hades? Strife? Hermes? Cupid? The other ones that I would have been able to rattle off on command when I was eleven! A lot of Gods are missing!

Wonder Woman has purchased an apartment in London for her ragtag family which includes herself, Hera, Zola, Zeke, and Orion.

Oh, and Lennox! Maybe his body will eventually grow back. Rock grows, right?!

Turns out War was the one missing at the Olympic Tribunal. So Hermes brings Wonder Woman to Olympus to discuss the fate of The First Born. Please. Why would they need her? Everybody knows she'll cave and call for mercy! Wonder Woman seems a bit shocked to discover that she's the new God of War. I guess she wasn't paying attention in Succession of Godhead 101. She probably only passed by sleeping with her professor. No, no. That would have been how it went down with the Wonder Woman of 1950s DC Comics! This is the modern era! So she probably kicked his ass for her A.

Meanwhile on Earth, ARGUS (or some very similar black ops type organization. Maybe the Black Razors or the Blackhawks?) is busy capturing Wonder Woman's brother, Wesley Willis. They kill his flies so he can't seen anything around him and move in to apprehend him. Turns out the black ops people are employees of Cassandra, Wesley Willis's sister. I think Cassandra can't use her power to predict the future any more because her throat was crushed many years ago by Lennox. But that's okay because nobody ever believed anything she said anyway.

Let me interrupt my running commentary to say Goran Sudzuka does a damn fine job replacing Cliff Chiang. A bit sloppy here and there but generally does a really good job of mimicking Chiang's look for this book. I appreciate it when an artist tries to keep the long-standing look of a book the same. Tony Atkins also did a good job trying to keep the look consistent. The effort isn't lost on me at all. Great job. Now back to being stupid.

I bet Superman knows this look well! It's Diana's "Did you just fart?" face.

Apollo seems to think his first prophecy has been fulfilled, the one about a child of Zeus slaying another child of Zeus. But I'm fairly certain it was in direct relation to the Throne, so Apollo might be getting ahead of himself on that one. You can't defy prophecy by pretending it's already happened! Prophecy isn't that stupid, stupid. Wonder Woman heads back home wanting no part of playing War. And then Strife appears to tell the others that she will be the new God of War after she kills Wonder Woman. But Apollo has a feeling things might just go more smoothly without a God of War altogether. I have a feeling he's wrong about that.

Wonder Woman #24 Rating: +1 Ranking. I simply adore this series. That is all.

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