Monday, August 13, 2012

Worlds' Finest #4

This monster is the beast that lives between worlds. It hitches rides on the wake of interdimensional travelers. It feeds off of the radiation created by the slight variance in the vibrational frequency of the travelers in their new dimension. But it soon learns that the radiation from nuclear power plants sates its appetite as well. But this energy has side-effects which turn it into gigantic, raving lunatic. That's its connection to Earth 2, cover! And I better not read something different when I turn the page!

Power Girl had just clobbered Hakkou into Tokyo Bay to spare Tokyo from another gigantic monster foot-stomping sand-castle bully kicking style rampage. But what are they going to do with it after that? Perhaps a poor town in America has built a prison to hold gigantic radioactive mutants in an attempt to bolster its economy.

Do things always have to get enormously bigger as they feed on nuclear radiation? What's the origin of this cliche?

Forty-five months ago, Kara and Helena are wandering about roam discussing their last month. Kara is still on the search for scientists and technology while Helena remains a bit lost seeing Batman with his own version of Robin and a Catwoman that is nothing like her mother.

Why is it when one of these girls has a life crisis, they consult a cat? Why am I even asking that? I ask my cat unanswerable questions all the time.

Back to the present, Hakkou gives away a little information about what he's been up to as he begins to panic. He probably started thinking about all the sharks and other things in the water around his crotch that he can't see. Being deep in the frickin' ocean is creepy!

So he wants to close off all access back to Earth 2. Is it because he's afraid of Darkseid following him? Or maybe Steppenwolf if Hakkou is merely an escaped Parademon. Maybe he'll become friends with Power Girl and The Huntress once they realize he's just trying to escape the whole Apokolypsian war machine.

A Japanese battleship fires a missile at Hakkou but he bats it away back toward Tokyo. First Power Girl couldn't attack Hakkou because she had to deal with the leaking oil tanker from that first panel I scanned. Now she's got to take care of this missile before she can get back to ending Hakkou's rampage.

Revelatory subtext: Power Girl does not like anal.

Power Girl stops the missile by jumping in front of it. And since she doesn't turn around and let it ram her in the ass, I think my caption's point is proven! Um, maybe?

Another inadvertent boob window. How many times are they going to do this before they just say "Fuck it!" and give her back her old costume?

One of the boats in the harbor is an American ship with a tactical nuke on board. Huntress believes that could be the answer seeing the way Hakkou reacted to getting too much nuclear energy earlier. It turned him into an out of control Godzilla-sized monster. So Huntress surmises that more nuclear energy (especially the amount from a bomb!) will destroy Hakkou. I would guess it would make him even bigger and even loonier. But that's why I'm not a super hero! I would make all of the wrong tactical decisions!

The Huntress gets Power Girl's attention and tells her the plan. Power Girl digs the warhead out of the ship and throws it down Hakkou's throat.

Hopefully he just reverted to normal size and Power Girl can fish him out of the ocean and get some answers. Otherwise the stupid cover really was asking me to answer its question since it didn't know the answer either!

The duo do not recover Hakkou's body. They merely fly listing to each other the many unanswered questions of their first big adventure! At least these are questions that can be investigated later if they're interested or don't really matter at the moment. Unlike Birds of Prey where the characters kept getting amnesia or being attacked by random people and constantly shrugging their shoulders and showing a complete lack of curiosity as to what was going on in their stupid lives.

Worlds' Finest #4 Rating: No change. I have Worlds' Finest ranked at #4 right now which might be too high for the title in some respects. It doesn't blow me away with the writing or the current plot. But it has fun and likability in spades. This is overall simply a really fun (and sweet!) comic book. I can't recommend it highly enough. And it's very possibly one of the first titles I'd recommend to younger readers (especially female). Two wonderful characters here.

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