Wednesday, December 28, 2011

52 at First Glance, Part Three

9. The Savage Hawkman
Writer: Tony S. Daniel
Artist: Philip Tan

I don't know the writer or artist. I'm not sure I've ever read any comic that featured Hawkman. I remember him in the Justice Society of America. He was like the gruff old man who just wanted to beat everything up. Unless that was all of them. I also had the action figure. It had a pretty sweet mace. Yeah, I said sweet.

Another cover with simply the hero prominently displayed flying out of the comic from some center point wormhole.

I wouldn't have picked this one up. Even with the cover telling me that this isn't the old Hawkman! This is the Savage Hawkman! And you remember how gruff he was before! Well, look out!

Forget it!

10. Mister Terrific
Writer: Eric Wallace
Pencils: Gianluca Gugliotta
Inks: Wayne Faucher

I don't know the writer or the artists. Hell, I don't even know the character! I mean, I recognize him. And I knew he was black even though he didn't call himself Black Mister Terrific for some reason.

I really have no idea where he came from. I think I should know and I just forgot. But that doesn't make me want to read the book any better. "Oh yeah, I read all about him and BORING, forget it all!" Perhaps I only know of him from the 52 Trade Paperback. But I don't remember much of that either except the one thing that would be such a major spoiler that I won't mention it! Oh, and that Infinity, Inc. comes back but under the control of Lex Corp.

I wouldn't have picked up this title. The cover shows some guy dancing in a night club or something.

11. DC Universe Presents Deadman
Writer: Paul Jenkins
Artist: Bernard Chang

Is this comic going to be about Deadman? Or is it going to be a bunch of short stories featuring different DC characters? I'm not really very clear on that part. But no matter which one it is, I would have picked up this comic. I like Deadman. I like just about any Magick or Supernatural character in the DC Universe. And if it's only a few issues of Deadman and then they move on to someone else, that's pretty cool also. Heck, with Deadman, they can just have him control every Character they spotlight. Hmm, maybe that's the point!

I don't recognize the writer or the artist.

12. Action Comics
Writer: Grant Morrison
Pencils: Rags Morales
Inks: Rick Byrant

Normally, I wouldn't bother with a Superman title. Unless it was Superman teaming up with a random person each month like the old DC Presents. Hey, that's kind of like that Deadman title! Maybe Deadman is going to partner up with different people each month?

But back to the Superman title. He just never struck me as interesting because he can do so much. But if Grant Morrison is writing it, I'll be reading it. I recognize the name Rags Morales but I can't remember what he's done. Perhaps that was just the name of an old friend's pit bull.

The cover of Action Comics is possibly the first one with some actual action taking place! Unless Mister Terrific's dance party counts. This one has Superman flying through the sky leading a team of angry police into battle! Or the police are angry at him for exposing their horrible corruption and improper use of broom handles.