Saturday, December 31, 2011

Justice League #4

Justice League #4 begins with some good old fashioned Teen Titans drama! Victor finds himself transformed into a super powered half-machine human (or half-human machine) and immediately blames his dad for saving his life. But who can blame him? His dad has yet to show an interest in him, only in super hero research. So when Victor finds his father has turned him into a Super Hero, how is Victor supposed to believe it's because his dad loves him and not because his dad wanted to change him into something that won't be allowed to play that stupid football game.

At least Victor doesn't have to remove his hand to attach his white noise cannon anymore!

The rest of issue #4 is just like the other issues except this time Aquaman has to prove himself to everybody. So to show Green Lantern what he can do that they can't, he makes a bunch of Great White Sharks breach and eat a bunch of parademons. And then Aquaman skewers one in the head with his trident. (By the way, why is his trident chained to the front of his belt?) So Aquaman just shows Green Lantern what he can do differently even though Green Lantern could have done all of that with his ring and left the poor sharks to live their own little lives instead of being manipulated into eating tainted Apokolyptic Genetically Engineered meat.

Oh, how do I know it's genetically engineered?!

Because Cyborg is going around assimilating data from anything he gets near and has discovered Darkseid's purpose by assimilating a Boom Cube!

So Cyborg ends up on the scene and the entire Justice League is now together! And then Darkseid appears!

I've never really understood what size Darkseid is? He looks kind of gigantic in the two page splash scene where he does something that causes a CHOOOM that makes the Justice League fall all over the place. I think Darkseid just raised his hands and caused an Earth Bounce.

So Cyborg discovers that the Parademons have arrived to set up a station that turns the local population into more parademons. So are the Parademons just innocent victims? Can they be turned back into the people they once were or does the, um, 'repurposing' cause death and then bring new life from the repurposed organics as Parademons? If the plan is to set up the station and create parademons, why is Darkseid arriving on the front lines of the first wave of attack? Is it because of the Super Friends? I mean, Justice League? He seemed to already know of their existence since he stuck a Boom Cube in cities where Super People lived. Maybe he's more interested in observing them!

If the Justice League defeats Darkseid in their first story line, what is left?! Isn't he the biggest, baddest, Villain of the Month there is?!

I guess I actually have to wait to find out now!

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