Wednesday, December 28, 2011

52 at First Glance, Part Six

21. Batgirl
Writer: Gail Simone
Pencils: Ardian Syaf
Inks: Vicente Cifuentes

I think after Robin, Batgirl is the only hero smiling so far on the cover of their comic book. Cyborg has a near grin going but he doesn't have the look of pure enjoyment that is on the face of Batgirl here. Is she, like Robin, too young to realize Super Hero Justice is dangerous? Especially in Gotham City?

It doesn't matter much to me. The look of cheerful exuberance on her face is all I'd need to pick this up. How does a young girl get her kicks in a dark, dusky place like Gotham on a Friday night? Beat up bad guys!

Gail Simone is back and I've heard good things.

22. Batwing
Writer: Judd Winnick
Artist: Ben Oliver

Batwing? What the fuck is a Batwing? Is this some guy who is trying to emulate Batman and Nightwing? Was this Judd Winnick's idea or did he just get handed this bowl of shit oatmeal?

Hey, maybe it's good stuff! That's why I'm giving it a chance. But if I wasn't picking up every title, this one would never even get a chance. Even if the name Batwing could evoke the slightest bit of curiousity (it doesn't), the name Judd Winnick in the writer spot would kill this for me. I just can't take this guy seriously. I can only picture him on Real World San Francisco explaining his comic about the guy flushing an eggplant down the toilet and why that is funny.

Judd: "It's funny because after he does it, this other guys says, 'Again?'! See? Again at the end makes it funny!"

My friends and I took that wisdom to heart and still yell again at things to make them funny. Like when a friend gets date raped or a sibling gets mauled by a pit bull.

The cover tells me that Batwing apparently lives in Egypt and soars with helicopters.

23. Catwoman
Writer: Judd Winnick
Artist: Guillem March

I find Catwoman interesting. Has her romance with Batman been played out or is that going to be what this comic is about. Again! I can't wait to find out!

Because it's Catwoman, I probably would have picked this up and only noticed after I got to the splash page that Judd Winnick was writing it. And then I would have felt betrayed somehow.

The cover has Catwoman lounging on the edge of a building with her hat, boots and bra discarded off to the side. Okay, it's not her bra. It's her goggles. But it sure looks like her bra and I'm pretty sure anybody not giving these covers much thought assumes it is a bra. Especially since her tight outfit is zipped way down with her boobs hanging out. She's also sprinkling some kind of sex powder onto her bosom. Perhaps it's Bat Pheromones.

24. Nightwing
Writer: Kyle Higgins
Pencils: Eddy Barrows
Inks: J.P. Mayer

I don't recognize the team on this comic. But I do recognize Nightwing! I followed his adventures for a long time way back when he just didn't know how to commit to Starfire and then she finally left him to marry some Tamarand Prince and then maybe I lost interest because I wasn't reading romance books, Mr. Perez Wolfman! I wanted to see fighting! Yeah, I was young. Also, I liked reading the romance bits and the character interactions and the long stretches of dialogue. That sounds like it was sarcastic after adding the third bit but I really liked all that stuff.

I would have checked out Nightwing for awhile and let it prove itself.

I'm voting Nightwing's cover as the most retarded cover of the New 52.


  1. It's pretty obvious what the powdered substance is. According to (which should be in your bookmarks if you are any kind of serious comics fan):

    "When dressing in latex clothing, patience is the key. A dressing aid is necessary to help the latex easily slide over skin. When preparing to put on a latex garment you can use powder or lubricant, depending on personal preference. Simply powder or lubricate the interior of the garment with unscented talcum powder or lubricant. Corn starch has been used as an alternative to talc, but should be avoided as it has been proven to play a role in latex allergy promotion. These dressing aids may also be applied to the body to make dressing easier. Chlorinated latex (see Chlorination) does not need to be coated with a dressing aid, and should slide on more easily."

    1. Oh yeah! That makes sense. I thought maybe they were diamonds. But that would probably be a fairly painful lubricant.