Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #9

How am I supposed to stick to my pledge of seriousness when this is the fucking cover?!

Remember Convergence? It wasn't that long ago and it was terrible. It was awful. It was barely readable. Well it's back! The Green Lantern Corps have been placed inside yet another one of Brainiac's containers. At least this time they probably won't have to deal with DC's unresolved continuity issues. DC Comics really needs some serious therapy to figure out why they feel the need to constantly reboot their universe. Stop trying to make the perfect universe that makes absolute sense! Let shit get crazy and stupid. If at a later date you want to ignore some embarrassing hero somebody created, just fucking start ignoring it! There's no shame in taking control of your universe however you want. You don't owe the way-too-serious fangenders any answers! Stop trying to outguess the issues you think they're going to have with every move you make and just write interesting stories! Convergence sucked because it was an explanation masquerading as storytelling. It was a sloppy paint job on a car without an engine! You know what would have been better than Convergence? Just telling the writers to write whatever stories they want based on whatever continuity they wanted. Just open up the entire universe and let their imaginations run wild! Except for Scott Lobdell's imagination. You should probably put three or four editors on him and make sure they're telling him exactly what to write.

Humanoids with fins on their heads? Star fish conquerors? I never thought I'd say this but this looks like a job for Aquaman!

While the Green Lantern Corps and what's left of the Sinestro Corps are trapped in one of Brainiac's bottled worlds, Hal Jordan finds himself trapped in Emerald Space with Abin Sur. Is Emerald Space where Green Lanterns go to die? I don't think I'm going to get the answer to that question this issue (although if the question has already been answered in the past, I'm sure my secret source of Green Lantern knowledge will know it).

Back on Xudar, John Stewart realizes that the Starro spores must be in some kind of telepathic communication with Starro so he orders Green Lantern Rot Lop Fan to disrupt the communication. Rot Lop Fan does this by chanting his own terrible version of the Green Lantern Oath. "In loudest din or hush profound, my ears catch evil's slightest sound. Let those who toll out evil's knell, beware my power--the F-Sharp Bell!" I feel humiliated and depressed just retyping that! Rot Lop Fan doesn't even wear a Green Lantern Ring on his uniform; he's got a green bell. Who is this jerk and what makes him so special and completely annoying?

Rot Lop's F-Sharp Bell kills all of Starro's spores and saves the Xudarians. He also notices that the barrier is actually some kind of glass. That causes John to realize what's happened to them: they've been captured by Brainiac. Hopefully, seeing as how this is Rebirth, he doesn't remember Convergence and Futures End or else he might just kill himself rather than go through those bullshit stories a second time.

Back on Nok, Ganthet has summoned Kyle Rayner to save Hal Jordan's life. Hal is currently in the Emerald Space which seems to be inside his ring, or the green light of will in the emotional spectrum (which is, you know, in the ring!). So the White Lantern will bring Hal Jordan back to life. But Sinestro will have to find his own means of resurrection because you know there's no way he's going to stay dead!

The Ranking!
No change! Is it just me or do two books per month feel exactly like one book per month just spread out across forty pages?! Maybe it's just me and my need to rush through as many of these comic books as possible to put some kind of fucking dent in my comic book backlog! I'll get to really digressing and saying "fuck" a lot as soon as I get caught up and can take the time to do one comic book per day without falling into a reading deficit!

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