Saturday, February 6, 2010

I am Omega Man

I watched The Omega Man this weekend. As the movie started and Charlton Heston was driving around an empty New York, I thought, "Oh, is this I am Legend?" And then the credits said, 'Based on a story by Richard Matheson', and I thought, "Oh, this is I am Legend!" Of course, being filmed in 1971, it's very unsophisticated: heavy handed on religion, silly bad guys, 70's hair. I did like watching the movie within a movie. Whee. But everything the movie could have been or actually was was lost to me because of one horrible, horrible thing: Charlton Heston's smile. Oh my God! Have his teeth been fused together? Has he ever actually smiled or laughed in his life? When he tried it on-screen, it was as if he couldn't even fake a genuine happy moment. Here is the moment he laughs at his love interest's big joke:

Here was her joke: "Birth control."

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