Sunday, December 25, 2016

Wonder Woman #12

My gift to everybody this Christmas is that I'm going to treat these reviews seriously today. If you don't celebrate Christmas, just Google "inappropriate dick jokes" and sprinkle them throughout as you read.

Feminism is so important, guys. It's why books like this written by Greg Rucka are so important. He makes sure to always insert a bit of social commentary that points out terrible things the Patriarchy has taught people that it's okay to do. Like in one of the last ones, Diana asked Etta Candy if people still touch her hair. Like, OMG! Fuckers always going about trying to touch POC hair! That comment was like a kick to the neckbeard of the Patriarchy! Unless that just had to do with some other kind of social justice. Sometimes it's hard to keep it all straight! I mean sorted! I probably shouldn't use the term "straight" as a characteristic of order and keeping things proper because that perpetuates homophobia! Anyway, at least Rucka told that Frank Cho a thing or two about the length of Wonder Woman's skirt! I mean, I think it's okay to draw it short and to maybe see a little bit of Diana's undergarments if a woman draws it, or if a respectable man draws it. But Frank Cho draws all those pornographic covers so he totally had a major scolding and lecture coming!

This issue continues the Year One story arc. I'm glad it mentioned that on page two because I couldn't remember if this was continuing the story that takes place in the present or the one that took place in the past. I don't know why DC Comics doesn't put a summary page in their comics the way Marvel does. So what if all the Marvel fans start taunting DC Comics for copying something that Marvel does! Not only would it allow new readers to jump on board at any time, it will help older readers who can't remember anything they read a week prior! Plus it would stop people like Scott Lobdell wasting four pages each issue reminding readers what happened in the previous issue (and, usually, getting it all wrong anyway because he can't be bothered to take his job seriously).

Oh shit! I knew who Sappho was too! Does that mean everybody I've ever met that I told I knew Sappho thinks I'm a lesbian?

While Etta and Barbara investigate the terrorists, the Sear Group, Diana experiments with her new powers. Not only can she speak English now (thanks to her lasso), she can also talk to animals. Hmm, that's one more reason why Aquaman is just a redundant member of the Justice League. Steve Trevor learns that Wonder Woman left behind a female lover and when she's feeling vulnerable, he holds her hand! It might seem compassionate and romantic but I guarantee he had a semi growing in his pants. Guys are gross.

The Sear Group have a tattoo of a tree on their bodies. It's the tree that Diana saw on Paradise Island before leaving with Steve Trevor. It's the tree of knowledge with the serpent in it that bit her and drove her from her garden. It's all sorts of Christian imagery tied up in a tale of a Greek demi-goddess.

Wonder Woman interviews the Sear prisoners with her lasso and discovers they're forced to kill and destroy by some overarching will which they can't deny. It's about that time that Barbara realizes Sear is an anagram for ears. But then she crosses that out and notices it's also an anagram for Ares! And that's when Ares shows up to choke Steve Trevor and introduce himself to Wonder Woman. So I guess Ares as Wonder Woman's major antagonist is good enough for Rebirth Wonder Woman. Probably because he's a man who represents war. Those are like two of the main things Wonder Woman is destined to crush!

Well, maybe not all men! Just some men! Like, the really bro ones! But not the ones like me who say all of the right things when there are women in earshot!

The Ranking!
No change! I think I fucked up my Christmas promise and didn't take this as seriously as I meant to! In fact, I even sounded like I was mocking feminism! That was probably a poor choice for a review of Wonder Woman. Unless you're a jerko male who took what I was saying seriously and thought, "I should read more of this person's blog!" Then, yeah, I totally meant it and wasn't being snarky at all! But if you're a woman or a guy who wants women to take him seriously, I was totally just fooling around and being a huge idiot! You can't take anything I say seriously because I'm unable to tell the truth. Mostly it's because I can't help telling the truth as well and the only way to hide my true statements that I'm ashamed or embarrassed by is to sprinkle them in with a bunch of lies so nobody knows what I think at all!

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