Thursday, December 22, 2016

Wonder Woman #10

Is this doing it?!

Trump supporters pretending to be Clinton supporters because they're the actual precious snowflakes who can't take criticism be like:

Meanwhile, Trump is over here being all:

I readily admit I have no power. But even if I did, I would never use that power to try to silence people. Debate isn't about getting the side you don't agree with to shut up. Debate is about pointing out how dumb the other side is! And to do that, you have to let them keep saying stupid things which you can then mock relentlessly. If a whole new generation is going to have to live with the specter of nuclear holocaust because a bunch of sad-eyed voters got their feelings hurt and decided to stick it to the intellectual elite (who dared to know better and to know that they knew better!), I'm at least going to feel sanctimonious in my childish taunts of a supremely unintelligent and selfish manchild that seeks to dismantle the American system at the foundation. I will also relentlessly mock the people who continue to support this blatantly moronic trainwreck of a man despite how troubling and terrible his statements and actions have been since becoming president elect (also before! I just mean I'm specifically focusing on his post-election idiocy).

I guess renewing the arms race (this time hand-in-hand with Putin as they decide which country full of Muslims to nuke first) isn't as terrible as a nobody comic book blogger with no power at all pointing out that Donald Trump might be the dumbest Republican puppet president yet. Obviously I include Reagan in that statement. He was the beginning of the Republican presidents who are just mouthpieces for corporations and the wealthy. Of course you can't get enough votes to win if that's your base so they also go whole hog on being pro-gun and anti-abortion. People don't mind voting in people who will make their lives terrible as long as those people promise all the guns forever and no more salty Jesus tears.

And now, Wonder Woman!

Last issue was all about shopping and dating. This issue is all about shopping and dating except five years ago. So it's totally different and more magical and tinged with that sweet yet sour nostalgia dipping sauce. Also Wonder Woman can't speak English yet. Why can't she be more like Starfire and learn English by engaging in oral sex? Then the entire comic book wouldn't be her and Cheetah having a conversation while Steve Trevor constantly interjects with "Did she just say she likes my boner? She did, right?"

You know who else likes her outfit? Steve's boner.

The first thing Etta Candy wants to do is get a margarita in Diana. The second thing Etta wants to do, I bet, is get a tongue in Diana! I see where this is going, Ms. Candy, and I don't approve! How about getting Diana's consent free of alcohol before you both get drunk and engage in oral sex on a diaper changing station in the mall bathroom?

Over lunch, they discover that Diana's golden lasso allows everybody to understand everybody else.

It also translates creepy stares and bulging crotches for Diana who, never being around men, had no idea what those things meant.

While they're enjoying lunch, a bunch of gunmen storm the mall and begin shooting shoppers. While helping Steve Trevor stop the assailants, Wonder Woman learns she not only has super strength but super speed as well. And she's particularly adept at blocking bullets with her bracelets. Or bracers. Or, for the particularly nerdy and pedantic, vambraces. I hope the reaction to that statement is particularly nerdy and pedantic and I'm schooled on how Wonder Woman's bracers aren't anything like vambraces!

Diana also discovers she's mostly invulnerable when she sits on a grenade. Oh, and she can fly. So that's most of her powers worked out. It'll be some time before she learns of her super compassion and her super prostate massage powers.

The new team learn that Sears, Roebuck & Company are behind the attacks. They're probably having financial difficulties and targeting people who abused the Craftsmen Tools lifetime warranty.

The Ranking!
+1 Ranking. Okay fine. I'm beginning to enjoy this comic book much more than I was during the Urzkatarga bit. Plus Nicola Scott's art is pleasing.

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