Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Wonder Woman #9

"I get all of my wall art from ads in the back of Heavy Metal Magazine."

If anybody is going to see the 3:50 showing of Rogue One at Century 16 Cedar Hills Crossing Theater in Beaverton, I'll be the person most likely loudly arguing politics with my father throughout the entire move. See you there!

This issue begins with a totally hilarious penis joke about a plant that is also a god. At least I think it was a penis joke. I'm fairly certain that any time anybody mentions how size isn't everything, they're talking about their tiny penis. Not that there's anything wrong with having a tiny penis! I mean, there totally is! Wait! I didn't mean that the way it sounds. I just mean that if you're a man and you have a tiny penis, you almost certainly lack all self-confidence and will never feel comfortable taking showers with other men which totally limits your opportunities to see other penises! What a terrible life! Although, one must suppose, if a person has a tiny penis, they overcompensate in other ways that could make them hugely successful (or so I've heard every time somebody comments on a man in a shiny red sports car or a massive truck). My penis is a perfectly reasonable size which is code for "it's not massive but I've never been too embarrassed to have somebody put it in their mouth."

Trevor has given the plant to the woman with the scar across her left eye. I don't remember her name because it has too many vowels in it and also an X that isn't pronounced (probably?). It's probably why Trevor just calls her Ma'am the entire time. Although that word has too many vowels and an extra piece of punctuation, so it's not ideal either.

Wonder Woman is out with Etta Candy and Barbara or Minerva or Priscilla or Ann or Deborah or whatever Cheetah's name is. It's not that I don't care (I mean, I don't care but that's not the reason I don't know Cheetah's real name!), it's that this entire story is about how Wonder Woman's history is a huge lie and she doesn't know which of her memories are true. So is this the first Cheetah or the second Cheetah or the third Cheetah or the...was there a fourth Cheetah? I mean, is the post-Crisis Cheetah the same Cheetah as the post-Zero Hour Cheetah? And did anything change in the Cheetah line-up after Infinite Crisis? And, of course, The New 52 means there was ever only one Cheetah anyway, right? Except that's the whole point of this Rebirth Wonder Woman shit! To get all of the past history straight! I hope they bring back Priscilla and Debbie!

Meanwhile some shady shit is going down in Washington, DC. No, different shady shit than that. This shit involves the CEO of Empire Enterprise (a name which just shouts "I am a super-villain seeking world domination!") and her two Doberman Pinschers. The company's logo is some octopus thing, probably Scylla or the other one that's impossible to spell or say. So, you know, that's another clue she's evil. Her company has a plant in Etta Candy's ARGUS world, and I'm not talking about Urzkartaga. They plan on following Wonder Woman so that they can find Paradise Island.

While Etta and Barbara work to find Paradise Island using all of the government's satellite data and maps and Barbara's knowledge of polygottism (even though Barbara points out immediately that none of that stuff will help find Paradise Island because it lies in a spiritual location and not a physical one, or something. So, um, what the fuck are they doing then?), Diana takes off to go get some penis.

The first part of the date with Steve Trevor is spent on working through the fact that Diana has come back to Steve because Superman died. Man feelings are quite tender no matter how much men like to deny they have any. Women know this far better than any man could ever know because they're all so self-involved. So when a man needs emotional support (which is, like, almost constantly, the big babies), women freely give that support. But when a woman needs emotional support (which is, like, far less often than most people tend to think), men roll their eyes and think, "Again?! CHRIST ALMIGHTY!" Wouldn't it be wonderful if people just gave each other the support they needed when they needed it instead of turning it into some kind of competition or game? I don't mean I should have to give any emotional support, of course! But I'd like it to be there for me when I need it! Which is, like, almost never. I'm Ford Tough and I don't have any issues with intimacy caused by my mother's refusal to hug me tenderly when life was crushing my soul.

The date ends with this:

Okay, maybe it doesn't exactly end here! It probably ends with Diana putting one of her legs up on the edge of the bathtub so she can use the handheld shower nozzle to flush the sand from her nether regions.

I hate when art is framed like the panel above. The space over their heads is fine but only if you don't cut the fucking characters off at the ankles!

Wonder Woman points out, before the fucking, how she believes love is limitless. This is something I've always believed even though I don't believe in love. I mean, I believe in caring and compassion and intimacy. But I always thought it was weird that we are allowed to fully hate as many people as our black hearts can manage but we're only ever allowed one true love. That's a social convention that I've always thought was just asking for a world full of hatred and...well, surprise! How about we turn this shit around? From now on, we can have only one True Enemy but we're allowed to love (and fuck, of course!) as many people as we see fit. And you can't hate everybody out of jealousy because of the one True Enemy clause! Of course, you're still allowed to make a monogamous contract with another person. That's between you and the other person! But I think we need some new Disney movies that don't concentrate on one true love and concentrate more on the princess who fucks lots and lots of guys and loves them all equally and the world is better for it.

The fucking between Diana and Steve is interrupted by a call from Candy. They've figured out a spot where Diana might be able to move through to Paradise Island. So Steve and Diana head there and it works! Just like that! Paradise Unlost! I mean, Paradise Found!

The Ranking!
+1 Ranking! I haven't really been enjoying this comic too much. I think it was the Urzkartaga story arc. But I liked this issue. Probably because I'm a fan of women shopping and women fucking soldiers on beaches.

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