Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Catwoman: Election Night #1 (Take Two!)

Come save us, Corndog Girl!

After yesterday's election fiasco, here's the problem with Meredith Finch's Catwoman story that I completely ignored. She's part of the media (only a comic book writer, sure, but still part of the media! Just, you know, a tiny part!) who decided to spread a dangerous message which completely worked. That message is that both candidates are terrible. But not only are they both terrible! The one that everybody knows isn't even fit for the office is only terrible because he's a swindler and a real estate scammer. Finch portrays the female candidate, the obviously more electable candidate as not just being a crook but a murderer. The media portrayed Hillary as a criminal and Trump as electable. Why is anybody surprised the anti-intellectual base of our stupid fucking country believed that shit? How do we impeach the media?

Thinking about this story a little bit more as well, why the fuck would one secret murder ruin the female candidate's chances of winning when everybody already knows that The Penguin has committed dozens or hundreds of murders himself! His umbrella fires bullets, for God's sake! I guess it's okay if a man does it but a woman committing murder, and when she's underage and not yet fully formed? That cannot stand!

Man, I knew Meredith Finch's story was going to be sexist before even reading it, I just didn't realize where it was on my first pass through the story because, as a dumb guy with no issues at all, it wasn't on my radar. It took seeing that the majority of Americans would rather elect as president an unfit Oompa-Loompa who, based solely on the way he speaks, is not an intelligent man than an experienced woman who would easily have kept this country prosperous.

Even white women failed to do the right thing in this election. It looks like we've got a bigger fundamentalist religious problem in this country than I would have thought.

We also have a whiny bitchy problem on the left. Conservatives go out and vote for their candidate no matter how shitty the candidate is. Liberals apparently take their Primary ball and go the fuck home. The left is full of entitled assholes who pout and scream when they don't get their way. I voted for Bernie Sanders because I want to see the Democratic Party move further to the left than it is (not so far as the Republicans have moved right. Although at this point, the two-party system is like a fat kid on one end of a see-saw while a skinny kid sits nearly on top of the crossbar on the other side. We need a fat kid on both sides at this point). But I still voted for Hillary because she was the candidate that made sense out of all of the stupid candidates on the stupid ballot. Hell, I could have voted for anybody I wanted to, being in Oregon, and I still voted for Hillary because it was the right thing to do for this country.

I'm less concerned about Trump being president than I am about both halves of Congress being majority Republican. If y'all were gonna go out and protest vote the president, you could have at least been responsible enough to not give the Republicans the entire fucking game board.

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